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The Metropolitan police are to be investigated over claims that it covered up reports and evidence relating to VIP child abuse and paedophilia.

High profile actors, priests, politicians and royals are among those suspected of participating in an organised system of the rape and battery of young children in care homes across the UK.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is overseeing an investigation into a total of 17 alleged cover ups as part of an extended investigation. These include three new referrals that were made to the police.

The three new referrals are:

  • An allegation that a child abuse investigation in central London gathered evidence against MPs, judges, celebrities and other media entertainers, police, clergy and others. The file was submitted to start proceedings against those identified and, it is alleged, two months later an officer was called in by a senior Met officer and told to drop the case
  • Two allegations about police actions during a child abuse investigation in the 1980s. Further details of these have not been given

Over 30 years, officers from Scotland Yard are said to have protected people in high-profile positions by shutting down inquiries and concealing evidence, often, before a criminal investigation was expected to commence.

In a statement, the IPCC said the police investigation had ‘gathered evidence against MPs, judges, media entertainers, police, actors, clergy and others’.

Commentators said it could be the biggest investigation into police corruption since the 1970s.

The problem is, the Metropolitan Police itself will be responsible for investigating the claims of cover ups and corruption, with the IPCC merely helping to monitor it.

The IPCC will also be assessing a further six referrals it has received from the force as part of the case.

Police are also accused of releasing paedophile MP Cyril Smith without charge after he was caught in an undercover operation into the gang rape of teenage boys at so-called “parties” held by people in high positions of power.

Last week, a former Metropolitan Police officer says he was told by a detective sergeant that the investigation into a paedophile ring – which involved a prominent member of the royals – was shut down for ‘national security reasons’.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, he said: “I was in a car with two other vice squad officers. … The detective sergeant said he had just had a major child abuse investigation shut down by the CPS regarding a royal and an MP.

“He did not mention names, but he said the CPS had said it was not in the public’s interest because it ‘could destabilise national security’.”

These new revelations come just weeks after Prince Andrew was accused of abusing under-age girls. An investigation into the allegations against Prince Andrew is currently underway.

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