snoopers charter

The Snoopers Charter has been resurrected into British law, after plans to update communications data legislation were introduced in the Queen’s Speech on May 27th.

Although the full details unveiled in the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill have yet to be revealed, it has been announced that the government plans to extend the scope of the bill beyond the previous version by strengthening the security services’ powers to intercept communications in bulk.

This is a practice unveiled by Edward Snowden’s exposure of the NSA.

The Conservative party has previously tried to push through the Communications Data Bill that would have required ISPs and web firms to hold meta data on customer communications for at least a year.

However, the bill had been repeatedly blocked by the Liberal Democrat party during the last administration’s coalition.

The government claimed the bill would “keep British people safe”.

However, campaigners have criticised the law, and said there is no evidence it will be effective in protecting people.

Big Brother Watch’s Samson, said: “We are also yet to see any concrete evidence that access to communications data has, and indeed will, make the country safer. The only evidence we have is of numerous failures to make effective use of the data already available. Any new draft legislation must acknowledge that the bigger the haystacks the harder it will be to find the needles.”

Yesterday, 38 prominent legal experts published an open letter urging MPs to put measures in place to ensure the law was ‘proportionate’ and subject to proper scrutiny.

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