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Republican candidate Rand Paul has become one of the latest millionaires to claim that drinking water is not a right.

Rand Paul is a former medical doctor and a Rhodes scholar. The Rhodes scholarships were set up by Cecil Rhodes, the first head of the Round Table, and banker Alfred Milner in order to choose carefully selected students to further the ideas of an influential group of policy makers whose main goal, to put it lightly, is to gain further control over world events and political affairs.

He is the son of Ron Paul, who has campaigned on a number of issues and is a particularly vocal critic of the Federal Reserve, Tax System and the War on Drugs.

Ron Paul has also been hailed as the “intellectual Godfather” of the Tea Party movement.

Many of those in alternative movements have championed candidates such as Ron and Rand Paul because of their outspoken stance over the corruption of the US government and the corporate influencers behind. They have often been promoted by people such as Alex Jones, who depict him as the alternative to some of the existing political candidates.

A noble position indeed, but do these people really represent the interests of ordinary Americans or citizens across the world?

The answer quite simply is yes – if those Americans can afford it. Recently Rand Paul came under fire for stating that having access to healthcare, food and water is not a right.

In a question and answer session with medical students at the University of Louisville, Paul said: “Access to water is not your right. Believing you have a right to water – is an extreme belief. Water is a raw material and a ‘foodstuff’ that should be privatized and commercialized.”

His views echo that of  Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, who said that it is not a human right to have water, and that those who cannot gain access to it should be left to their own devices.

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