Refugee Camp Based In Samos

Sharing beds with family members, cots within feet from the next family, lack of privacy, and a whole lot of other hell-like conditions. Imagine the pure fear and shame that the refugee families feel as they take cover in their gray blankets hanging over their bed for privacy. The long hours of waiting just to use the restroom. Waiting four hours or more in line to receive a small breakfast.

These are just a few of the conditions that are placed on the refugees at the Samos camp. Included with these refugees are thousands of asylum seekers that have been fleeing from war, sex slavery, and other torturous circumstances that led them to the Samos Refugee Camp.

A deal that was signed in March of 2016 was indeed a cruel one between Turkey and Europe, leaving over 75,000 asylum seekers in confinement.This deal was originally made in response to the millions of refugees that were landing in Europe and Turkey back in 2015.

Formerly, in this deal, each refugee that arrived on the Greek island illegally was to be traded for a Syrian refugee. Also included was a “bargain deal” that involved $1.6 billion for Greece to keep refugees out of Europe. However, there is currently an investigation as to whether or not it was properly used.

The Greek government now holds the fate of these refugee’s future in their hands as they make them wait to be interviewed for their next placement. As a result, the Samos camp is becoming more overcrowded with barely any resources.

With less than a handful of nurses and doctors on standby, the refugees are less likely to be seen by a professional for their life-threatening issues. Life is getting steadily worse as the days go on, and all that the refugees can hope for is a life that is safe and secure rather than uncertain and unhealthy.

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