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A new supermarket in Brighton has taken on the big corporates by stockpiling everyday items – but with a heavier focus on ethics and transparency, as an alternative to some of the major high street names.

The supermarket is named ‘HiSbe’ which is an abbreviation for ‘How it should be’ and its main aim is to make ethical shopping accessible to everyone.

Sisters and co-founders Amy and Ruth Anslow have been working since 2011 to get the business going and raise the start-up cash.

They have vowed to source food directly from producers where possible and allow people to buy in bulk. They will also rent shop space to business.

In an interview with Positive News, Amy said: “I think there’s a lot of confusion and a lot of distrust; people often think they’re getting ripped off by having to pay more for ethical products and [supermarkets] don’t always explain what the differences are.

“We support all independents, but what we noticed is that the majority of people that shop at supermarkets are not shopping with their values. We wanted to come up with something more mainstream, that is acceptable to the average family who need to put a spaghetti bolognese on the table.”

Development of the store is still underway and the sisters are currently seeking crowdfunding for their project. An extra £25,000 is still needed before it can take off, and the sisters hope that if successful, they can expand their business elsewhere.

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