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Gianni Graham

Young girl collects dolls for homeless children

A generous young girl in the US has embarked upon a mission to collect thousands of barbie dolls for homeless children. Young Gianni Graham wants to collect 1,000 Barbie dolls for 1,000 young homeless girls. She currently has a collection of 700, which she eventually plans to hand over to homeless shelters. Speaking to ABC News, the youngster said: “Girls[Read More…]

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen raised £21,000 for the homeless man who helped her get home safely

Student raises £21,000 for homeless man who helped her get home safely

A student has managed to raise over £21,000 for a homeless man who offered her his change so she could get home safely at night. Dominique Harrison-Bentzen had lost her bank card on a night out in Preston, when the man known only as Robbie gave her his last £3 so she could get a taxi home. She then set[Read More…]

Spikes have appeared outside of luxury flats

Authorities across the world wage war on homeless people

A number of anti-homeless spikes have reared their ugly heads across the country in a further attempt to demonise the most vulnerable people in society. Rather than waging a war against homelessness, both businesses and politicians have teamed up to wage war on homeless people instead. Earlier this week, Tesco sought to distance itself from criticism after what appeared to[Read More…]

Sitting down illegal in Denver

Sitting down illegal in Denver

Denver have waged a new war against the homeless by making it illegal to sit on the pavements, or in alleyways, or anywhere in public. In a video that has just surfaced recently, a police officer is seen ticketing a man for the grand crime of sitting down without permission from the government. A police officer approaches the man that[Read More…]

Child hunger on the rise in America

Child hunger on the rise in America

The USA is one of the richest countries on the planet, with more billionaires within their population than almost any other nation in the world. But despite this, child hunger is on the rise, as is poverty. A recent report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation titled “2013 Data Book, State Trends in Child Well-being” has found that child poverty[Read More…]