Silvio Berlusconi had links to mafia, court rules

Silvio Berlusconi had links to mafia, court rules

Berlusconi’s nefarious links with the Italian mafia has been laid bare, after the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome found that he did business with the mob for decades.

It appears that he was more than just a corrupt, sex-crazed politician – he also worked with the notorious Sicilian Mafia, Cosa Nostra, through his conduit and former senator Marcello Dell’Utri, who was sentenced Dell’Utri to seven years for mafia association.

Prosecutor Aurelio Galasso’s claimed that “for 18 years, from 1974 to 1992, Marcello Dell’Utri was the guarantor of the agreement between Berlusconi and Cosa Nostra”, and this claim was upheld by the court.

For many years, Berlusconi has held a stranglehold over the Italian media and construction firms across the country, and he has previously denied that this was predominantly because of his association with the mob.

Dozens of mafia members were also present to give evidence about their dealings with Berlusconi.

But this is not the only crime that Berlusconi has been convicted of a crime. The disgraced politician is currently beginning nine months community service after being convicted for tax fraud last August.

He had also vowed to appeal to Europe but has since accepted his conviction.

Despite the evidence that is emerging about his links to the mafia, and the fact that his guilt has now been recognised by a court, unbelievably Berlusconi will not be punished for his blatant support of organised crime.

This is because of the statute of limitations of 20 years for mafia offences.

It has also been claimed that Berlusconi chose – or was obliged – to launder millions of pounds of mob money.

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