We often see a lot of careless and reckless drivers with no care or thought for other drivers. Even speed cameras don’t seem to target them and they cause problems for cyclists and pedestrians alike. There needs to be a new school of thought put into place in order to tackle this problem.

However, in Sweden, they have sought to address this problem by rewarding motorists that drive slowly and are photographed in doing so. The drivers who respect the speed limit are automatically entered into a cash prize lottery.

This concept was the idea of Kevin Richardson, who won a competition that was organised by Volkswagen in 2010. The idea of the competition was to find a fun way to encourage the population of drivers to obey the speed limits in towns, cities and the countryside. The idea of Kevin Richardson was deemed by the judges as an effective and a brilliant way to get drivers to respect the speed.

The cameras that he invented took note of every car, both the cars that speed and the cars that cruise below or at the speed limit. Then the drivers driving at the speed limit or below are entered into a draw. The money taken from the drivers that do not respect the speed limit is then automatically given to the drivers who were in the lottery.

In Sweden this has proven to be an excellent way of deterring dangerous driving; as recently the National Society for Road Safety recently reported that they have introduced the cameras across the country. This new concept is now proving to be popular as the average speeds are decreasing from 32 km/h to 25 km/h.

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