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Scientists have made the link between air pollution and DNA damage

Scientists reveal pollution results in DNA damage

A number of new studies have recently helped to highlight the link between environmental pollution and longstanding DNA damage. Studies published in the Journal of molecular neuroscience and also in the Experimental Eye Research journal have collectively served to reveal that a combination of everyday environmental factors such as ultraviolet light and air pollution can result in a process known[Read More…]

Smog has been reported in some areas of London

London smog contributing to health problems and death in the city

Much has been reported about the smog that is negatively impacting the health of millions of people in China. However, the problem has also been seen in London. A recent study has revealed that London is currently experiencing ‘very high’ air pollution levels, reaching ’10′ on the government’s score of 1-10. This has been caused by a combination of high[Read More…]