Scientists have made the link between air pollution and DNA damage

Scientists have made the link between air pollution and DNA damage

A number of new studies have recently helped to highlight the link between environmental pollution and longstanding DNA damage.

Studies published in the Journal of molecular neuroscience and also in the Experimental Eye Research journal have collectively served to reveal that a combination of everyday environmental factors such as ultraviolet light and air pollution can result in a process known as oxidative stress.

This not only disrupts metabolic functions, but it also causes a number of different illnesses and can create up a million separate sites of damage to the human DNA.

Metal pollution in particular, not only causes a range of diseases, but also leads to developmental problems in children, according to a study published by Egyptian researchers.

The DNA damage caused by pollutants not only prevents millions of cells in the body from being able to replicate themselves, they  also lead to mutation – which can result in cancer.

A Separate study from Harvard University showed that metal pollution is not only linked with physical ailments but also have a clear association with violent and aggressive behaviour.

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