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Smart meters give energy giants unlimited power over customers

Smart meters give energy giants unlimited power over customers

Energy giants could use smart meters to cut switch off the power to their customers homes to force them to pay their bills, it has been revealed. Suppliers have the capacity to switch the new digital devices to a pre-payment setting without visiting the house. This would force the homeowner to top up their account before they use any gas[Read More…]

The oil find in Australia is failing to enrich the public

Blog: Australia’s “black gold” failing to enrich the public

Australia has recently been discovered to have been sitting on its very own reserves of black gold, or in other words: oil. Trillions of pounds worth of the stuff was found last year – 233 billion barrels to be exact – in a find that some predicted could turn the region into a new Saudi Arabia. Australia is currently believed[Read More…]

This picture shows a demonstration of spontaneous qigong as seen in the video

Can drug addictions and cancer be cured by QiGong?

What if I told you that some of the world’s most severe diseases such as cancer, MS and drug addiction could be cured using Chinese medicine… You’d think I was crazy right? But what if I wasn’t? Akashic Times has interviewed a medical doctor, martial artist and lecturer by the name of Dr YK Leung, who has helped thousands of[Read More…]