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What if I told you that some of the world’s most severe diseases such as cancer, MS and drug addiction could be cured using Chinese medicine…

You’d think I was crazy right? But what if I wasn’t? Akashic Times has interviewed a medical doctor, martial artist and lecturer by the name of Dr YK Leung, who has helped thousands of patients by using QiGong.

Although he does not outright claim to have cured anyone – and most alternative practitioners are legally prevented from using the word ‘cure’ or ‘treat’- he has hundreds of testimonials, and documented studies and videos which he has taken and presented to audiences all over the world.

But what exactly is QiGong and can it help to rid the body of both minor and severe diseases in a way which modern medicine cannot? Most people have a rough idea of what tai-chi is, but fewer people have practiced the art of QiGong.

Also known as life energy cultivation or chi gung, it is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation.

It is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi or chi and guide that through the body.

It involves rhythmic breathing and doing slow, structured exercises. With so much stress and tension associated with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is hardly surprising that many are turning to alternative therapies and health exercises such as QiGong.

The particular type of QiGong he uses to assist patients is known as spontaneous QiGong which taps into the energy meridians surrounding a person in order to encourage their body to heal itself. The idea behind this is that the practitioner is able to initiate such a reaction, by focusing his energy or intention towards patients, which in turn causes such a reaction. The ability of patients to react to this often depends on their state of mind and how relaxed they are.

Shaking, strange noises and bursts of emotion usually follow on from that and the results can be quite startling.

This picture shows a demonstration of spontaneous qigong as seen in the video

This picture shows a demonstration of spontaneous qigong as seen in the video

However, the exercises are not without its risk. Practicing QiGong incorrectly or failing to warm down – also known as ‘shutting down’ – after a session can lead to side-effects such as the inability to control emotions and even illness.

The trouble is, according to Dr YK Leung, many classes both in the UK and in Asia fail to teach the correct form of it, leading to disastrous results. He says many of the patients who come to him have done so following previous QiGong lessons taught by inexperienced or un-knowledgeable instructors, or through the misunderstanding of other energy healing techniques.

I caught up with Dr Leung, to find out a little bit more about the theory behind the martial art and how it can be utilised to help combat health conditions and stimulate healing. Known also as Shaolin lay monk Shi DeLon, he has been a practitioner for over 60 years and works very closely alongside the Chinese government. He also has centres all over the world and holds regular summer camps in places as far afield as Slovakia, China and Spain. One such summer camp recently took place in Slovakia a few weeks ago.

He has helped to assist drug addicts, comatose patients, and cancer survivors – many of which have reported miraculous results. Although not officially documented by traditional Western medicine, there are those who have sworn by both tai-chi and QiGong as a mechanism of healing.

Qigong is practiced all over the world

Qigong is practiced all over the world

So what’s his secret and why is it one of the most misunderstood martial arts across the world? The problem, Dr Leung says has existed since the beginning of time.

Q: What are the main problems with most mainstream QiGong classes in the UK and around the world? What is the source of the confusion?

A: “The sources of confusion can be traced all the way back to the dawn of the human species around 1.7 million years ago. Although the ‘half-monkey half-human’ species began to stand up as Homo erectus, the status of the mind remained in ‘sub-consciousness’ and fear of the unknown continued to haunt the early human against the majestic power of the cosmos. Such surrender of the ignorance of nature began to lay down the foundation of supernatural and superstitious beliefs.

“Around 100,000 years ago, when Homo erectus began to evolve into Homo sapiens, human status of the mind had progressed into the ‘consciousness’ dimension. The ‘awareness’ of surrounding things had prompted the human species into ‘emotional evolution’ just as described in the bible when Eve had eaten the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden. The aspect of human emotions would have developed into more forms of rituals, which mark the celebration of life and the fear of the death.

“The earliest archaeological evidences discovered to this day in China were the discoveries of some human bones stained with ‘red hematite’, which dated back to the ‘Upper Cave Man’ 18,000 years ago. These human remains indicated that the bodies were not simply dumped in the wilderness; they have been buried in a specific way and are indicative of some kinds of primitive ‘ancestral respect’.

“This strong evidence testified that Chinese ‘spiritualism WuShu’ would have emerged at the time. Around the world, spiritual ceremonials have always brought about ‘spiritual dancing WuWu’, which constantly trigger some forms of what we call ‘self-healing WuYi’ phenomena. However, due to the lack of scientific explanation about how such powerful ‘self-healing’ ability can be achieved by the human mind and body, common terms like ‘miracle healing’; ‘spiritual healing’; ‘energy healing’ or the ‘placebo effect’ are used helplessly to describe the unusual natural occurrences within the body.

“Sadly, the ignorance of the ‘interaction between cosmic human energy’ is still being preached among some spiritual and religious groups. Their insistence of orchestrating the ‘blind leading the blind’ scenario continues to create learning and training difficulties among the QiGong classes all over the world. Chinese ‘QiGong’ is a medical science and should be respected as knowledge that could help to trigger the ‘self-healing’ ability of human’s psychological and physiological problems. It should never be practiced and misused in the name of ‘superstition’ because one’s own health and other lives can be placed at great risk as well.”

Q: Why do you think that many classes do not teach people to ‘shut down’ properly, and why?

A: “The answer is very simple, most of the so-called ‘masters’ who stand in front of the classes are not ‘qualified’ and they do not understand how the whole procedure of interaction of cosmic human energy known as ‘TianRenHeYi’ works. Many of them are completely ignorant about the Chinese culture and tend to think of it in the same way as the Indian culture. The 5000 years of Chinese written history has recorded many sad incidents of QiGong practitioners who did not ‘close down’ properly and therefore incurred substantial mental injuries.

“In extreme incidents, they were fatal. One should simply ask oneself: ‘Is it clever to open the front door and all the windows when a person leaves the house?’ The same dangers would apply to the human mind and body if ‘left open’ and ‘unguarded’. If a student were not taught about the dangers of such a phenomenon or the ‘closing down’ sequences are not ‘sufficient’ enough to safeguard the vulnerable mind and body, one should leave the group immediately.”

Q: When did you first start practicing QiGong and what inspired you to start practicing?

A: “I was born into a traditional Chinese cultural family, as my mother was a well-known Chinese Opera actress known as ‘Silver Sword Shadow’. All my uncles, aunties, cousins and nephews practiced Chinese martial arts such as WuShu as part of their Opera training routines. QiGong and TaiJiQuan are branches of Chinese martial arts. I did not take up the interests until I was ten. As we speak, I have just reached my ‘big-six’, which meant that I have been training and learning for 50 years (including my 7 years PhD. research study in the subject of cosmic human energy).

“My training has enriched me with the ‘internal energy Qi’ to the extent that I have been able to ‘emit’ my energy to ‘trigger’ other people’s energy fields in ‘self-healing’ since 1993. I have recorded most of the successful clinical cases on DVD films so I could share with other interesting parties on www.shaolin.or.uk I am working now with HongKong University and the HongKong Government in trying to obtain some scientific data from using Spontaneous QiGong SQG therapy in my ‘drug detoxification’ program this year.”

Q: Why does practicing Tai Chi and QiGong have such health benefits for the body?

A: “The human body is an amazing ‘self-healing’ machine as it harbours 56 natural body medicines (hormones). The correct methodology tai-chi known also as GongFa of TaiJiQuan (DaoYinShu) and QiGong (XingQiShu) can help to release the essential body medicines in order to rectify the imbalances of human psychological and physiological problems. Upon my 20 years of ‘hands-on’ clinical case studies, I can say that at the top level of both training and learning, there is the ‘Spontaneous QiGong SQG’ therapy or ZiFaGong.

“This is the only practice that can lead to the ultimate powerful ‘self-healing’ ability of the human mind and body. However, to find the ‘key’ in opening the ‘medicine storage’ within our mind and body, initially the methodology used must be able to ‘alter’ the status of the mind from consciousness to sub-consciousness. That is to say that by using physical exercises mechanically, the ‘internal NeiJia’ layers of ’sub-conscious’ ligament and sinews have to be ‘manipulated’ in order to send ‘electric’ signals from the central nervous system to the brain.

“When sufficient and correct levels of ‘stimulation’ are directed to the ‘motherboard’ – otherwise known as the brain – it will begin to induce the ‘bio-chemical’ reactions of the master glands. In turn, the reactions will trigger the releases of natural body medicines from the endocrine system and repair the psychological and physiological problems. Indeed, it is a very complicated process. It will be foolish to think that by closing one’s eyes and sitting.”

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