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Westminster perverts outed by female parliamentary workers

Westminster perverts outed by female parliamentary workers

A list of Westminster perverts has been released on a secret WhatsApp group, reports have revealed. Female staff members working at Westminster named high ranking MPs and cabinet members that have allegedly groped them and sexually harassed them on a regular basis. While the ‘usual suspects’ are said to be well-known by those in Westminster, the female staff members also[Read More…]

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women

Hollywood sex abuse scandal continues to heat up

The shady activities in Hollywood have long been exposed by the alternative media. For many years the idea of predatory sex abuse in Hollywood was seen to be a pure fantasy invented by tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists with too much time on their hands. However, the Harvey Weinstein scandal has helped to shed a light on some of the sex[Read More…]