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A list of Westminster perverts has been released on a secret WhatsApp group, reports have revealed.

Female staff members working at Westminster named high ranking MPs and cabinet members that have allegedly groped them and sexually harassed them on a regular basis.

While the ‘usual suspects’ are said to be well-known by those in Westminster, the female staff members also accused some of the younger MPs that were said to be behaving in a perverted way.

House of Commons sex scandal

These are just some of the warning messages shared by women in the House of Commons

house of commons sexual harrassment

sex harrassment text3

When questioned about the list, a spokeswoman for Theresa May said that the reports were “deeply concerning”.

The spokeswoman added: “The Prime Minister was very clear when we responded to the reports about Harvey Weinstein in the last few weeks that any unwanted sexual behaviour is completely unacceptable and that is true in any walk of life, including politics.

“Any allegations that may come to light will be taken extremely seriously and we would advise people to contact the police if there is such an allegation so it is fully investigated.

“It is essential that MPs feel safe when they are going about their work, whether it is here or in their constituency.”

She urged those who had experienced harassment to report it to the police.

One anonymous female staff member said that the women working in Westminster actively protected each other from sexual harassment.

It was also alleged that some MPs had sex with female aides inside the offices of Westminster.

Other bosses in Westminster allegedly called female staff members ‘sugar t**s’ and asked for affairs.

Another MP was even banned from hiring women on the basis of how good their legs were, while a Labour MP known as the ‘disco king’ groped a woman during a trip abroad.

The situation was reported to have grown so severe that party whips were tasked with patrolling the bars inside Westminster to clamp down on any inappropriate behaviour that could potentially cause embarrassment to political parties.

Other named Tory politicians confirmed that sexual harassment took place at Westminster.

Tory MP Baroness Jenkin

Tory MP Baroness Jenkin described how she had to deal with sexual harassment by male politicians ‘all the time’ in the early days of her career

A Tory peer, Baroness Jenkin, revealed that a fellow MP once stroked her neck as she described how men used to hit on women ‘all the time when she began her career.

Theresa Villiers

Tory MP Theresa Villiers described how had to ‘fend off’ inappropriate behaviour by some men at Westminster

Tory MP Theresa Villiers said she had to fend off ‘groping’ hands at a Conservative party function in the 1990s.

Indeed, the House of Commons revealed that a free, confidential hotline had been set up , which could be accessed by members of staff at the Commons 24/7.

These revelations come in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which saw more than 40 world-famous celebrities accuse Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape.

Despite spokespeople from the Commons insisting that the women take their allegations to the police, some victims have claimed that they were actively discouraged from doing just that.

Recently, the European Parliament was accused of covering up rape claims after staff said complaints about being attacked had been ignored.

Four women described as parliamentary workers said they lodged complaints, which include two cases of rape by colleagues.

But one, who claims she was raped by another member of staff in 2016, said she was ‘actively discouraged from going to the police’.

The revelations emerged as MEPs in Strasbourg debated ways to put an end to all forms of sexual harassment, with some even sharing their own experiences.

However, at least one of their MPs is being investigated amid allegations that he made sexist, homophobic and racist comments.

Shamed MP Jared O’Mara was suspended from the Labour Party on Wednesday after a slew of sexist posts including boasts that ‘pretty young girls want me’ and posts about Girls aloud and Angelina Jolie performing sex acts.

Both the Labour and the Conservative party refused to say how many complaints of sexual harassment they had received.

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