Is it possible to cure serious diseases such as cancer or Aids? Mainstream medicine says it is not. But we live in a time when corporate pharmaceutical companies hold such a sway over the doctors we see and the scientists who test our medicines.

Big pharma is known for manipulating the results of laboratory tests, pressuring educational institutions and doctors to promote their drugs and playing down the benefits of alternative therapies. Even pharmaceutical industry bosses themselves will admit that ‘honesty is bad for business‘.

So why do so many people continue to trust the conclusions that are based upon these secretive, profit-motivated trials?

According to one leading expert and medical doctor, the main reason for this seemingly unconditional faith in big pharma is miseducation.

Dr Llaila Afrika is a doctor who himself, once worked in mainstream medicine. However, he now helps people to restore their health through a holistic approach to the body.

Dr Afrika is a herbalist and one of the world’s foremost authorities on health and nutrition. He has also lectured in many countries across the world and served time in the US army, working as a nurse and psychotherapist.

His latest book is called ‘Holistic Self-Diagnosis’ which  teaches people the skills they need to diagnose themselves, outside of the hospitals and clinics.

He says that contrary to what most of us are taught since childhood, it is possible to cure chronic and terminal diseases  like the big ‘C’ by eating predominantly raw, green foods, drinking purified water and taking responsibility for their own health.

He has been on tour in the UK, and has held a number of workshops in London and Leeds. He still has two events coming up this month, one is in South London on May 14th and the other is in Luton, on May 16th.

I caught up with Dr Afrika at an event organised in Leeds. I wanted to find out more about why he believes the public are so misinformed about the impact on nutrition and its impact on disease.

He said uncategorically that one of the biggest threats to human health is miseducation.

But why is this?

According to Dr Afrika, the close links between big pharma, the military-industrial complex and the education system has created this corporate power-house whereby any real examination of holistic health is sidelined, and discouraged.

Janine: Why people miseducated about health?

Dr Afrika: “It is a profit motivated industry. People taking away the profits by becoming involved in alternative health are taking away the profits from somebody, so these people they are taking it from have got to protect themselves.

“People are taught for the benefit of those people who installed [the education system] because it just didn’t pop up out of nowhere.”

Janine: Are you alluding to the pharmaceutical industry?

Dr Afrika: “Pharmaceuticals, textbook industry, colleges – all of these people depend on the public to come and take their courses. It is not just pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals make chemicals for the military, there is not just drugs, they make chemicals that kill people – biological warfare.”

Janine: What is your new book ‘Holistic Self-Diagnosis’ about?

Dr Afrika: “It teaches people the skills they need to diagnose themselves, outside of the hospitals and clinics. It is about diagnosing yourself through the tools that are available, your teeth, your tongue, your eyes, your hair. Those are systems that were used by the Indians and Africans. They are the old systems of physical examination. We just lost it and think that everything is a drug or everything is a chemist, or a lab. But those old systems made healthy civilisations. So I go back to what was working – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

“The current system  is like a child trying to learn how to walk. We shouldn’t follow a child – and that is what the pharmaceutical industry is. It is just learning – and killing a lot of people in the process.”

Janine: How important is it to eat at the right time of day and what times are best?

Dr Afrika: “Ideally the best time to eat is between 11am and 7pm. Your heaviest meal should be lunch. That is when you should eat the most oils. You should eat 70 per cent green carbohydrates and 15 per cent raw fats and proteins in an 80 per cent alkaline diet, with 20 per cent acid.

“But when you are breeding people to work in factories or pick cotton, then you would encourage them to eat an acidic diet. Alcohol is acidic, and so is caffeine and nicotine. If you put them on alkalinity, which is female [in the type of energy it produces] they are going to want to grow, expand, and be in harmony with God.”

So what is the best type of diet for our health and why is it that so many people are addicted to unhealthy food that lacks nutrition? According to Dr Afrika, a raw, organic diet is the best way to remain healthy.

Dr Afrika: “No animals eat cooked food, so that is absurd in itself. You can addict people if you cook the food. If you want to make any food additive – cook it. Cocaine is cooked, coffee is cooked, alcohol which is distilled is cooked, you have got to cook it to addict people to it. The problem is, you can’t get fresh, ripe, non sweet foods such as barley, oats and beans. They are not ripe when you get them, which would be partially green. In today’s society it is kind of difficult to do that, if you can’t afford to have fresh barley and oatmeal.”

Janine: What are the effects of excess sugar on the diet and how can you get rid of that addiction?

Dr Afrika: “The addiction starts emotionally. You have to emotionally cripple people and handicap them and introduce sugar as some kind of easy way to be happy. Sugar for Christmas, sugar for birthdays, rewards. So sugar is emotionally introduced that way and people medicate an emotional problem that way. It is the same with clothes. People try to medicate their poverty by buying expensive clothes.”

Janine: How has your experience in the military influenced your perception on physical and mental health?

Dr Afrika: “I saw the devastating effect of war on people.  I saw what happened to the children and the women. It is not worth it whatsoever. I know from just being in a war that if you don’t kill women and children, you don’t win a war. Women supply the next generation of soldiers. So they kill the source of the supply to win the victory.

“But when they bomb factories people don’t see it as women and children, they see it as a factory. However, they should see in their mind: soldiers don’t work in factories, so who are we killing? Women and children.

“I used to take care of women and children. A boy I took care of he was nine and he was scrambled in his head, because he picked up what he thought was fruit, there was a grenade attached to it and he didn’t know that so he gave it to his father, and his father was killed. War is never worth it. I worked on the human side of war.”

But the effects of wartime on the human population was far more sinister than many would have you believe, according to Dr Afrika. He told of how he was responsible for giving therapy to what was termed “the rape squad” whose job it was to capture and torture women using sexual abuse.

Dr Afrika: “I had to give therapy to the soldiers who raped women and children to demoralise the enemy. I had to make sure they could still function and do their job. They did not know that is what they were trained to be. They just thought they smoked some marijuana and had a good time. In war, you have to learn to live with yourself, and sometimes it is not very comfortable.”

Janine: But is it possible for a soldier to become a better person and essentially reform after leaving combat?

Dr Afrika: “I used to have to detox guys who came out of combat – I’d have to put him in therapy for three months before they let him back out on the street. They used to do that with African soldiers. But for six months you had to purify and go to the forest and be with the spirit. You couldn’t just come back into the community.”

Janine: Is it possible to cure or treat serious diseases such as cancer or Aids through a holistic approach to medicine?

Dr Afrika: “Cancer has been cured and treated since at least 2000 BC. It is just that people function off of a definition of cancer – the question is, which definition are you talking about?

Lay people think cancer has been standardised, but there are 32 different ways to describe cancer. Cancer is a cell that is hungry for some nutrients. If you give it what it needs, you have cured it.

“Many diseases cause an Aids positive. Whatever causes an Aids positive – you get rid of that. What causes the cancer? You get rid of that. But the biggest enemy is ignorance – manipulated and controlled by others.”

Janine: What about mental health issues such as depression? Can it be treated with holistic medicine?

Dr Afrika: “Depression is a state that stops you from doing something until you figure out what else you need to do. [A person suffering from depression] just got stuck in ‘stop’ mode and doesn’t know when to get up to go.

“And they are comfortable in it – despite what you may think. When I deal with people who have depression or any kind of mental illness, I have to find out what constructed it and what triggers it, because a certain sound or colour may cause them to fall into it, so I have to look for all the triggers. You have to find out the bricks that built the emotion before setting up a treatment program.”

Janine: There are some who believe that sound frequencies can impact the psyche. What are your thoughts on this?

Dr Afrika: “Sound is another word for frequency. Frequency is another word for Ph. Ph is another word for ons. Ons is another word for electricity.  So yes. It is how we do chemistry. You measure the frequency which we call electrolytes. We deal with frequencies. It is a language we use to understand. Calcium is a sound. It vibrates at a musical note. Potassium is a sound. All of these things have a beneficial effect on the body.

“You just have to know what frequency you need. Love is a frequency: 4.4 cycles per second, which is also the frequency of lithium. Everything is a frequency. I used to teach music therapy, which is also beneficial.”

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