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Six people fall seriously ill following drug trial

Six people fall seriously ill following drug trial

A clinical drugs trial in France has ended in tragedy after five people were hospitalised with serious neurological complications and one was left brain dead. It has been reported that 90 people were administered the drug, which has not yet been named. The French Health Ministry has since stopped the drugs trial and recalled all of those volunteers who took[Read More…]

Yoshihiro Kawaoka has just created a new and very deadly form of the flu virus

Scientist has created the killer flu virus

A professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka working in a relatively low level-two bio safety lab rating at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has just created a strain of flu that can escape the human immune system. This new engineered virus is a replica of the H1N1, but engineered to be more deadly as most people today have a high level of immunity against[Read More…]