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Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungary gives the boot to IMF bankers

It has recently been reported that Hungary has paid off all of its loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and has since begun the process of ejecting IMF bankers from the country. Very few countries in the world have managed to escape the clutches of the IMF, but the nation, under the leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has[Read More…]

Nik Halik

Exclusive: Bloodlines, food wars and a new-world currency. Astronaut and financial entrepreneur predicts future economic trends and the birth of…space-babies

It’s not everyday that you get to speak to a self-funded astronaut who is friends with the likes of Bill Clinton, Steve Forbes and Oprah Winfrey, to name but a few. Nik Halik is an Australian, multi-millionaire businessman who founded organisations such as the Financial Freedom Institute, Lifestyle Revolution, LLC, Money Masters Global and The Thrillionaires. He is also the[Read More…]