Nik Halik

Nik Halik

It’s not everyday that you get to speak to a self-funded astronaut who is friends with the likes of Bill Clinton, Steve Forbes and Oprah Winfrey, to name but a few.

Nik Halik is an Australian, multi-millionaire businessman who founded organisations such as the Financial Freedom Institute, Lifestyle Revolution, LLC, Money Masters Global and The Thrillionaires. He is also the co-founder of iCoach Global.

He is one of the few people who has jumped off of Everest, explored the very depths of our oceans, trekked in underground caves made of quartz crystal, catapulted himself into space and still found time to travel across the globe and set up multi-million pound empires along the way.

He recently did a talk at the Village Hotel in Manchester on April 21st 2013, in which he told of how he used £30 million of his own money to fund his training as a civilian astronaut and set out to teach people how to make money and enrol in his ShareLord scheme. ShareLord is an investment strategy in which it is claimed you can not only invest in shares but rent them out and reap in profitable returns.

Costing around £97 per person, the day long conference touched upon everything from the economy to social media and science.

There were a number of speakers that day, but the main star of the show was Nik Halik, who was also connected to the other two speakers at the event.

Although I was initially afraid that this was going to be yet another high-pitched sales event trying to ensnare you into the latest fad – which came in the latter half of the day – the general information, tips and advice gleaned from the first half of the event was priceless.

As a powerful individual who rubs shoulders with politicians and celebrities alike, much of what Halik had to say was absolutely mind-blowing.

Akashic Times caught up with Halik after the conference to find out a little bit more about why he believes that there is more to the system than meets the eye and how people can safeguard their wealth.

Halik is a man who predicted the last few financial crashes and taught participants how to do the same. He is one who has spoken of a ‘new world currency’ that is expected to sweep the globe over the next decade or so.

He believes that the impending collapse of our financial systems across Europe and the Americas may someday result in the creation of a merged currency. This would see the amalgamation of the US dollar, with the Canadian and Mexican currency, which would become known as the Amero. This currency would then be linked with other single-currencies across Europe and the rest of the world. Another possibility, he added, was the potential creation of a digital currency, where every transaction would be carried out electronically. Bitcoin, is one such digital currency which is currently making waves among consumers and is backed by Silicon Valley. Halik believes that this may well pave the way for a one-world, digital currency.

He said: “If Bitcoin continues in its current trend and its current trajectory, it may be a formidable investment in the coming years.”

But a digital currency isn’t the only future trend that looms on the horizon, according to Halik. He has also anticipated the collapse of China and the invasion of Iran by the Israelis. During his talk, he made references to China owning vast swathes of land in Africa and their economy collapsing because of…3D printers. When the ability to make solid objects using 3D printers becomes mainstream, he says, then that will spell the end of the ‘made in China’ era.

This, he says, will revolutionise the way consumers are able to interact with the market and present whole new opportunities for business-savvy consumers. But you don’t have to wait until 3D printers go viral to become successful in the current economy, according to Halik.

His advice? Buck the trend, quit your job and don’t retire. Whilst this may sound counter-intuitive to many, Halik believes that the mark of a successful businessman comes from making strategic investments in the stock market, outsourcing your work life, and carefully evaluating the ‘risk-profile’ of any investments you do make.

Essentially, the way it works is like this. Whenever a newspaper tells you to buy gold, do the opposite. If the majority of the people you meet are out in the mines hunting for treasures in a gold rush, be the person who sells the pans. If you’re in a room full of gamblers, be the casino. Halik says, that those who simply follow the trends are more likely to lose out. He calls them “sheeple”. Oh and he also believes the education system “sucks” and deliberately promotes ignorance. Afterall, if you do not understand the implications of how the current economy affects your day-to-day life, you are less likely to question it and more likely to take on debt – which in turn finances the economy.

The education system is one which teaches people to go out, get a job and rely on one stream of income, he says. And that is what most people do.

He said: “There is a lack of financial literacy. The academic system is basically set up for people to fail. It will always guarantee that.”

He urged people to wake up, and take control of their own finances, by setting up several income streams which will allow them to be time-rich, financially stable and mobile. In other words, follow your dreams. But how easy is that?

As a man who regularly bumps shoulders with the movers and shakers of the world, who implement many of the decisions that we see today, it is perhaps not surprising to learn that he has obtained access to information which the majority of people are not privy too.

Information for example, that has led him to believe that food shortages are likely to spark war between 2015-2016. This could have absolutely catastrophic implications for those who are unprepared. He also told of how there are projects funded right at the moment, aiming to recreate human beings in space. He also asserted – perhaps unsurprisingly – that the economy is controlled by people such as the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England who relegate our government to the role of being mere bureaucrats.

And what keeps our economy afloat? Our economy for the most part, according to Halik depends on oil.

But politics is not a subject you would expect to discuss in a conference about how to increase your earnings. Afterall, what’s oil got to do with it? According to Halik: everything.

He said: “Whoever controls oil, controls money. Whoever controls money, controls minds. The economy for example, has nothing to do with the politicians. It is consumer sentiment, and the people that inadvertently run it. There are also bigger players and they are the puppeteers. We are basically all pawns in the system.”

He added that nowadays, everyday goods are designed to break down after a few years – thus encouraging people to spend more.

But there was more to come. For, according to Halik, there is another consideration which controls money. And that is blood. That’s right, as a researcher who has looked heavily into the subject of bloodlines and DNA, Halik believes that your blood group can also determine your success rate later on down the line – although he declined to mention which blood group.

He said: “A person’s blood type exhibits the persona or mannerisms a person has. A set of blood types reflect the individual that you are. It is interesting. I’ve done a lot of research on blood and the Japanese swear by it and in Japan, you have to disclose it in your resume.”

This is not a new thing. In Japanese culture, knowledge of your blood type is firmly entrenched within society. There exists a common, popular belief in Japan and other East Asian countries that a person’s ABO blood type or ketsueki-gata can predict personality, temperament, and compatibility with others. It works in a similar way to how astrological signs are used in other countries throughout the world, although blood type plays a much more prominent role in these societies than astrology does in other countries.

In other words, your success is in your blood. And if it’s not, well, careful observation of financial trends and seasonal cycles will help to boost your wallets, according to Halik.

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