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The FBI has revealed that smart TVs can be used to spy on people

FBI Warning: Your Smart TV is Watching You

The FBI has issued a spine-chilling warning over the scope of smart TVs, it has been revealed. Smart TVs, while often hailed for their convenience and streaming shows, contained inherent cybersecurity risks, according to the FBI.  The Bureau has emphasised that manufacturers often prioritise ease of use over robust security measures, leaving smart TVs susceptible to various cyber threats. One[Read More…]

Forget watching TV.. ‘Smart TVs’ are now watching you

Forget watching TV.. ‘Smart TVs’ are now watching you

Electronics giant LG is under the spotlight after one customer claimed that his television was collecting data on him and even sending photographs of his children to third parties. It sounds like something right out of a science fiction movie doesn’t it? However LG has now been forced to investigate how this “breach” occurred. According to Hull-based IT consultant Jason[Read More…]