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Cloud of uncertainty over James Foley video

Cloud of uncertainty over James Foley video

Over the last few weeks, the UK has watched as David Cameron kindly took a break from his continuous cycle of holidays, to investigate the alleged beheading of James Foley, the journalist apparently murdered in Syria. Foley was allegedly beheaded by a hip-hop terrorist called..wait for it…”Jihadi John”. Much ado has been made about his apparent love of hip-hop music[Read More…]

Abu Hamza was working for MI5

Abu Hamza and his links to the spooks

After all the terror and hysteria meted out by the mainstream media over jihadist preachers like Abu Hamza, it is somewhat unsurprising to learn that he was an MI5 agent all along. The facts unravelled in a New York courtroom after Hamza’s lawyer, Joshua Dratel, revealed the Scotland Yard documents proving the cleric was an MI5″intermediary.” Abu Hamza was groomed[Read More…]