Teachers will be sent on formal training courses designed to “spot the signs of radicalisation in young people” it has been revealed.

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) is launching the seminars designed to report and monitor young schoolchildren suspected of having terrorist leanings.

The seminars are aimed at both teachers and headteachers who are being encouraged to “intervene early” in cases where children are alleged to be reading terrorist or far-right leanings.

These new courses are being organized jointly by Birmingham headteacher Kamal Hanif, counter-extremism campaigner Sara Khan and ASCL parliamentary specialist Anna Cole.

Kamal said: “Young people spend a lot of their time on the web and social media and they can easily get drawn into extremist ideas without access to a counter narrative. The key thing is to put in place proper risk assessments and have an open culture where different views and ideas can be discussed in an open way.

“We want to reassure schools that these steps will help them meet the statutory requirements and protect young people.”

These new plans have been unveiled just months after the government announced legislation which requires nurseries to hand over details of toddlers they think may have terrorist tendencies. The plans were set out under the ‘Prevent Strategy’, which calls for senior management and governors to “assess the risk of pupils being drawn into terrorism,” manifested through youths’ extremist ideas that may breed terrorist ideology.

Under the legislation, nurseries will be among those required to collect data on the children attending them.

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