Darren Manning, pictured with his mum. A police woman frisk-searched him so violently that she ruptured his testicles.

Darren Manning, pictured with his mum. A police woman frisk-searched him so violently that she ruptured his testicles.

A teenager has suffered from ruptured testicles and faces a lifetime of infertility, after a female police officer used excessive force during a stop and search.

Darren Manning was with a group of teammates on their way to an after-school basketball game at 15th and Girard Streets when he was stopped by police officers.

Manning is a straight-A student who had never been in trouble with the law. Some of his friends ran away, but he stayed and decided to cooperate with the cops. That decision later proved to be damaging.

For when he stopped as requested by officers, he was handcuffed and patted down by a female police officer, who grabbed and pulled his genitals.

Manning said: “She patted me down and then she touched my butt and then my private parts, and then she grabbed and squeezed and pulled my private parts and I felt something pop.”

He underwent emergency surgery the following day, and his mother told The Philadelphia Inquirer that doctors told her he may never be able to father children.

The doctor then advised the mother to make a complaint about the police treatment of the boy, after hearing what happened.

Manning used a wheelchair at school a few days after the incident.

After the incident, officers then detained Manning for eight hours and claimed that he was “resisting arrest” and charged him with “aggravated assault” despite the fact that he was the one hospitalised for having injuries.

In their defence, police claim that Manning did not complain while he was incarcerated.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, added: “We want to know what happened.

This is a young man with no history in terms of negative contact with the law.  My understanding is he is a good student.  I don’t know what took place, and I’m not in a position to say at this point in time because I don’t have all the facts.”

His mother, Ikea Coney, said witnesses backed her son’s account of what happened during the arrest, and one of those witnesses told the newspaper that she thought the police actions appeared to be excessive.

“I blame myself,” Coney said. “I taught my son to respect cops, not to fear them. Maybe if he was afraid, he would have run like the other boys and he would have been OK.”

A witness told Philly.com that she watched the confrontation, intrigued because of the excessive force.

‘There were all these cops and cops cars, and one kid,’ she said.

Philadelphia police have since launched an “internal investigation” and have asked Manning to meet with them to discuss matters further.

In response, his lawyer Lewis Small said that the family would speak to police only after the misdemeanor charges are dropped.

The police video shows only portions of the incident because the camera had been set to pan back and forth.

One of Manning’s basketball coaches went to the police station after the incident to check up on the boy, and he asked police whether they would have acted the same way if the group of boys had been white.

“They didn’t answer,” said the coach, Dan Jackson.

Manning has never had a disciplinary issue at school, Jackson said, but Officer Purcell, an 11-year veteran, has had two citizen complaints filed against him for false arrest in 2008 and 2009. The officer was cleared in both cases.

The school’s founder, who had given the scarves and other items to the boys, said the incident goes against her efforts to teach students that police officers are not their enemy.

“There is clearly some damage that needs to be repaired,” said Veronica Joyner. “But there are good and bad in every area, in every race. The police department is no exception.”

Supporters of Darren Manning are planning a rally on January 23 to protest against excessive use of force and to demand the female officer who allegedly assaulted the teen be fired.

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