British sovereignty will effectively come to an end in November

British sovereignty will effectively come to an end in November

UK sovereignty will effectively come to an end next month under new EU rules.

The burgeoning power of the EU will mean that on November 1st of this year, the right of parliament to legislate over us in 43 areas will be removed, subject to approval.

Before parliament can legislate in these areas, it will be subject to Qualified Majority Voting – meaning that whoever we elect will have little say over the final decisions made over our laws.

Under the new rules, the UK will be unable to independently legislate over crime prevention, border controls, cultural initiatives, civil protection or common defence policies.

The UK will also have very little say over laws regarding freedom of speech, freedom of movement, the police, self-employment, and the right to start a business.

The ability of the government to create policies over cultural initiatives, self-employment access rights, sports and tourism will also be severely diminished.

Although, the system in the UK and indeed most countries are corrupt to the core and in dire need of reform, these new measures will further reduce the ability of British citizens to place pressure on elected officials.

It also marks a rapid and worrying acceleration of a world in which previously independent nations lose control of their national sovereignty and identity.

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