A British citizen was held for days without charge in a London mental hospital under little-known laws which allow the police to arrest and detain anybody who voices criticism against politicians or celebrities.

The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) was quietly set up to identify individuals who they claim pose a direct threat to VIPs including the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Royal Family.

It was given sweeping powers to check more than 10,000 suspects’ files to identify mentally unstable potential “killers and stalkers” with a fixation against public figures.

The team’s psychiatrists and psychologists then have the power to order treatment – including forcibly detaining suspects in secure psychiatric units.

Using these powers, the unit can legally detain people for an indefinite period without trial, criminal charges or even evidence of a crime being committed and with very limited rights of appeal.

FTAC  is enforced by the police anti-terrorism unit, and so although it technically is a separate branch of law, it is enforced under the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act. It works in a similar way to laws in Thailand which ban citizens from saying anything critical of the Thai royal family.

A number of British citizens have already fallen victim to these laws. Activist David Compan was imprisoned without charges in a London mental hospital after he publicly associated himself with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCC) campaign to hold the Crown of England responsible for crimes against children.

Social worker Elizabeth Scully has confirmed to ITCCS organizer Rhianne Mockridge that David was held for ‘examination’, but Scully initially refused to say where or provide any other details.

David Compan is a friend and supporter of Rhianne and other ITCCS activists in Coventry, who have led occupations of local roman catholic churches and are now convening a common law court to enforce ITCCS warrants against convicted felons and child abusers.

*The Akashic Times recently learned that after tireless campaigning by the ITCCS, David was released*. However, the law which allowed him to be locked up in the first place, is still in full effect.

The FTAC law allows the government to imprison indefinitely without charges anyone who is considered to be “fixated” about public figures, “VIP’s”, or members of the Royal Family.

Currently the law is very vague over what can be considered to be an unhealthy obsession against public figures. Worryingly, no trial is needed to provide evidence of the crime.

Until now, it has been the exclusive decision of doctors and mental health professionals to determine if someone should be forcibly detained.

But the new unit uses the police to identify suspects – increasing fears the line is being blurred between criminal investigation and doctors’ clinical decisions.

Human rights activists fear the team – whose existence has never been publicised – may be being used as a way to detain suspected terrorists without having to put evidence before the courts.

It also comes amid a continuing row over proposed mental health legislation which will make it easier to ‘section’ someone deemed a threat to the public.

MP Andrew Lansley was an outspoken critic of the law and said it could be used to target anybody with a religious, political or cultural belief that goes against the norm. He said:  “The Government is trying to bring in a wider definition of mental disorder and is resisting exclusions which ensure that people cannot be treated as mentally disordered on the grounds of their cultural, political or religious beliefs.

“When you hear they are also setting up something like this police unit, it raises questions about quite what their intentions are.

“The use of mental health powers of detention should be confined to the purposes of treatment. But the Government wants to be able to detain someone who is mentally disordered even when the treatment would have no benefit.

“Combined with the idea that someone could be classed as mentally ill on the grounds of their religious beliefs, it is a very worrying scenario.”

The laws were previously introduced under Tony Blair and are still being used today.

Last year we exposed how the Justice and Security Bill gives British courts the mandate to hold both criminal – and civil – cases in private and prevent suspects from hearing the evidence against them. It also enhances the powers of the Intelligence and Security Committee – which was established by the Intelligence Services Act in 1994.

It effectively makes them exempt from having to supply documents under the Freedom of Information Act and extends their right to conduct surveillance on the internet.

Suspects who have been excluded from secret court proceedings would be represented by a ‘special advocate’ – a security cleared lawyer chosen by the government or prosecutor, who is appointed on their behalf.

At the end of court hearing, the person being tried may win or lose their case without knowing why, as the court’s reasoning will likely be “classified”.

In fact, suspects don’t even have to be told there is a trial taking place against them, until they are arrested by police to begin their prison sentence. The legislation effectively marked the start of tyranny and ‘disappearing’ in the UK, which is usually seen in countries like North Korea or Zimbabwe.

Last year, we revealed how new laws were being introduced to allow for the use of secret courts in the UK for criminal and civil cases. The law effectively makes it “legal” to hold a court case against someone without their knowledge, detain them and penalise them – without telling them why, and without giving them access to a lawyer.

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  1. -1

    the royal family is the ones who control this system fuck them reptilian s and aliens and also illuminate I don’t bow down to no bitch fuck
    them all I pray to God the creator I am fearless haha I am royal blood what makes a celebrity so royal fuck them all I dont evan watch kak tv ima
    ges getting projected into my mind fake kak system is corrupted all of them American are the fucken worse the lie and murder and create crime try using 45 percent of ur brain what do u really know as a human nothing u were born and raised to order s by demons

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  7. Lloyd Kennedy says:

    I’ve said for ages that Britain is a fascist police state . This just confirms my beliefs . I moved abroad some time ago in order to avoid this shit . If everybody moved they would only have themselves to spy on and give orders to . Fuck the lot of them . Who the fuck are the royal family anyway ?

    • John Ivens says:

      The Queen is on trial in Brussels at this moment. Go to She was found guilty on similar charges at the Brussels Court in February 2013, along with ex-Pope Benedict aka Ratzinger, who became the first Pope to resign after this verdict, and is now holed up in the Vatican where he cannot be arrested.
      The charges related to the torture and murder of as many as 50,000 Canadian Indigenous Indian children over a 70 year period.
      Witnesses attested to the presence of Mountbatten and Prince Philip on one or more occasions. Also, it was alleged that in 1964 on a visit to Canada, the Queen and Philip took 10 children on a picnic.They were from an Anglican run Children’s Home. None of the children was ever seen again.The Charges were ignored.
      Here is an extract from the website of the Rev Annott who is helping prosecute the case, after working on the evidence for 17 years.This resulted in him being defrocked from his Canadian Unity Church. The reason Comlan was arrested in London recently is that he was trying to serve a Writ on the Queen relating to the Court’s Finding in February 2013.
      Incidentally if you can find the media coverage , Annott is prosecuting the Motion at the Cambridge Union on 24th April.The motion being that “the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world”.
      Here is a small part of the text from

      ” The NINTH CIRCLE began at least three centuries ago in the Vatican but has expanded to embrace local satanic child sacrifice cults across Europe and the Americas. Thanks to Catholic pressure, the Circle affiliated strongly with Nazi cultic groups that had close ties with the Waffen S.S. during the 1930′s and ’40′s, including the so-called KNIGHTS OF DARKNESS, whose members included former Pope Benedict, [Joseph Ratzinger]. Many of these members continued their murderous acts against children after World War Two, especially in Canada. Testimony was received from the sole survivor of a Knights of Darkness cult at the former Royal Canadian Air Force Base known as Lincoln Park in Calgary, Alberta. The Witness observed the ritual torture and killing of twenty abducted children by a former SS doctor and three other “Knights” working under cover as Canadian military personnel, between the years 1956 and 1958. Records of the SS doctor codenamed “Major Bob Armstrong” (SS number “091374 SS”) have been confirmed by Canadian government documents obtained by the Court from a former official of the Canadian Military Intelligence Agency, the NIS.

      Other witnesses to NINTH CIRCLE cults confirm the presence of British Royal Family members MOUNTBATTEN and PRINCE PHILIP at these child sacrifices, whose presence was concealed by defendant WELBY.[The previous Archbishop of Canterbury]– Jesuit officers including defendants PACHON and BERGOGLIO [The present Pope] were also present at the same rituals at Carnarvon Castle in Wales and at an undisclosed French Chateau, during the 1980′s and 1990′s. Similar sacrifices were conducted at Catholic and Anglican Indian residential schools in Kamloops, British Columbia and Brantford, Ontario during the 1960′s and earlier, according to statements from living and deceased indigenous eyewitnesses.

  8. 23

    Theres a difference between REAL law and legislation. I have not signed, agreed or even been made aware until now of this new fake legislation. They carry on down this road, the people are going to end up making their own laws.

  9. Jerome Brown says:

    Do not be afraid to speak your mind! the criminal Elite are coming to the end of their reign. Their conniving , duplicitous greed has reached its end point. the victims are aware of the deception and are about to wreak their just revenge. It is only a matter of time.

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  11. Mikes Hairy Entrance says:

    Well I am happy to say:
    Fuck the Government,
    Fuck David Cameron,
    Fuck Nick Clegg,
    Fuck the Milliband brothers,
    Fuck Parliament,
    Fuck McDonalds,
    Fuck the Police

  12. 23

    You better put a pair of hancuffs on me now for passing laws like this the govement are so tripped up on power that they had to inforce this law so people kept their mouth shut….. Screw it if i get arrested for speaking my mind then ill start protesting.. you cannot take freedom of speech… With the way things re going you better hook us all up to the matrix and lock us in a cyber world and tell us how to live now take all our money and our voice…. ohhh wait goverment already does this….

  13. -5

    I`m with Glenn, wholeheartedly!
    @sillynonsense – You`re either a massive wind`up merchant or a crass facist without a heart or any morals but with a very low IQ and would fit in well with the current regime of scum purportedly ruling us! I hope (for the sake of everyone who knows you) that it`s the former rather than the latter.
    @Henny Vreeling – I`m sorry you were subjected to the inhuman state of our capital city and its inhabitants, if only you`d been attempting to buy a sitar from a northener I`m sure you`d have had a far more pleasant experience.

  14. Wat Appendto Commonsense says:

    We can blame the loss of our ‘rights and responsibilities’ on the years of political correctness and stupid diktats to respect all views except the ones you hold dear. A slow but sure eroding of everything ‘British’ has been forced upon us by so called social police, nimbys and minor officials who have used dubious means instead of science and fact to change us ‘for the better.’ Their only goal was (and still is) to forge a highly lucrative career for themselves at the detriment of freedom and liberty of the masses. This coupled with very clever media warping and bully boy tactics has seen those who say the truth quickly buried and discredited by celebrity charlatans, who care not for lowly commoners views because they are also too interested in moving up the pecking order in the pig troughs of our so called democracy. There is a lot wrong with the UK at the moment and I can’t see it getting any better.

  15. Soulspinner says:

    Only terrorists/hate preachers can get away with criticising the Government. Just waiting for the knock on the door any minute now…

  16. 9

    Should work well in conjunction with the gagging law.

    When they open the new Workhouses, there will be a special psychiatric wing for such detainees.

  17. 20

    What kind of world are we living in? I mean really? We’re floating in infinite space on an organic spaceship orbiting a dirty great ball of fire. And yet, politicians are worried about their precious little egos being wounded by a public I thought they didn’t care about anyway? And you now cannot say offensive things about celebrities? Even though journalists do this everyday? Then GET YOUR BRAINWASHING, UNTALENTED FOOLS OFF OF THE TV. We all have freewill! That’s the deal. And you’re not taking mine. You’re all pompous, pretentious little worms that merely feed off of working people. You’re just as the bad as the cider drinking benefit scavengers. If it wasn’t for the poor, you bastards would have no egos! So thank the poor! This is ridiculous. If you can ruin a whole nation in the blink of an eye I can say what ever the hell I want. You can’t threaten free willed beings with prison anymore. It’s not going to work. A big, positive change is imminent and no square in a suit that doesn’t know the price of milk is going to change it. Next you should make discrimination against different classes illegal! We are sick of your petty laws and rules. There’s more of us than you! This will end soon.

  18. 11

    To be accused, never mind locked up without knowing why, is surely kidnapping? Then not even allowed a trial. What about Human Rights? I’m emigrating to Pluto…….

  19. Sillynonsense says:

    If you have nothing to hide, then you don’t need to worry do you?@keith, what so I speak drivel just for disagreeing with you lol

    you must be a terrorist lover by the sounds of it.

  20. Henny Vreeling says:

    In July 2012 (from 1 to 6 July, so nearly a week) I have been in London, I had planned to stay there only a few days, but all went wrong when my world-pinpass (ABN-AMRO)wouldn’t work when I tried to buy a train-ticket in Harwich.(I had no cash money with me, I fully reckoned on my pinpass) Several weeks back I had found on eBay a sitar for sale, offered by an Indian lady in the south of London. As the weather remained rather bad (too cold for June!)I waited for some weeks before I went by ferry (Stena-Line)to the UK. I thought a facebook-friend of me would help me in London and I jumped into the train to London without a ticket. When the guard came along I explained my situation and he promised to help me further when the train arrived in the centre of London, but I didn´t see him again! I tried to phone the the Indian lady, but nobody wanted to give their handy for a short call to that lady. Then I went to a nearby policestation, there an officer gave me some carts of London, but when I walked for about 2 hours and looking once more at those carts, I saw I had to walk 15 km to the adress of the Indian lady. I went back to that policestation and asked the officer if he could bring me to the south of London, but he refused. Then I tried to reach my destination by bus and underground, but failed too. Late in the afternoon I became desperate and I spoke with two surveilling police officers who brought me to another police station where at last (at about 19h 30) I could phone with that Indian lady, but she mistrusted me, although I had corresponded with her via email several weeks, she wouldn’t pay for a cab or even meet me at all! So I walked through London trying to find some place to sleep, but it was quite cold at night! The next day I reached already very exhausted and deprived of sleep the Dutch embassy, where I was treated badly- they only gave me some papers with phonenumbers I had to call for help- I went back once more to the embassy, where they threatened to call the police when I wouldn’t leave!! The next day I went to that facebook-friend but she (a yoga teacher) was too busy to help me in a proper way. At last via two homeless people centra I could email my elder brother in the Netherlands to send me money via Western Union. I had visited London for four days in 1978 with my ex-wife, all people were very kind to us, the noise in the streets was not disturbing, the streets were clean and we had a very nice time. What I have experienced in 2012 was just the opposite: the noise of the traffic was awful (also much noise from low flying planes!)the streets were dirty and I saw many unhappy and stressed people. Yes, I also met some very nice people and one man in particular, whose name was Nick, a nurse at the first homeless people centrum, who helped me and gave me the courage to bring this personal disaster to a good end! But the overall impression I had of the English people is that their country is in great danger to become an Orwellian state and I’m afraid this new enforced law will terrorise the English people. So: GET UP- STAND UP- FIGHT FOR YOUR (HUMAN) RIGHTS- DEAR ENGLISH PEOPLE OR OTHERWISE THE UK WILL BECOME A TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE!!!!

  21. Brian Powell says:

    Steve for one got it wrong.
    The UK has never been a liberal country.
    It has however, always been a country without a written constitution.
    We were ruled by a monarchy until our civil war, then parliament took the powers of the monarch but, because of the ingrown power block, parliament has never truly ruled this country.
    That has and still is being done by what I term, the shadow men.
    Men that live in the shadows and are never seen in the light of the public gaze.
    Men with untold amounts of wealth and power.
    Men like the Rothschilds, who own all but 3 or 4 of the worlds national banks and are therefore in a position to control governments.
    Because of the internet and it’s ability to share knowledge with the masses, these laws are the last bastion of defence for the shadow men.

  22. 2

    The price of freedom is constant vigilance. But what is the point of vigilance if you lose the freedom to express what you find. It seems we are letting the terrorists win.

  23. 1

    I was disappeared by the government using mental health act in 1997. Illegally denied democratic right to vote in that election. My crime was to suggest I was being monitored by MI5 / MI6 in London. 17 years later I am yet to escape from the Mental Health system. Within the system there is no hope and every form of human rights abuse occurs. Nowadays, I mainly just get assaulted by the police and illegally experimentally drugged. I have had a not guilty verdict in Cardiff Crown Court, overruled by psychiatrists and still been tried and punished. Mental Health and being in the system will awaken you to the true possibilities of state oppression. It erodes year on year and at the brunt of it the situation is completely untenable. Your article is shocking and distressing but it helps to be aware of what lies around the corner. Mental Illness and treatment means you are a political prisoner. Torture is endemic in the system and should be eradicated. Keep promoting your work but be aware you can easily be silenced. I tried myself to speak out online and got crushed even more so by the heel of oppression

  24. 11

    Well this is a personal attack on me as a freeman, so i say fuck the lot of em, come get me i am a freeman and will give my life before i give up my right to say and do what i want,i’m a cunt too but i’m man enough to admit it, fuck them and their system, murdering people for money,oil & drugs is a crime against humanity,love peace & anarchy…

  25. Sillynonsense says:

    To be honest I don’t see why FTAC is a bad thing. I do not think people should be allowed to criticise our government because they were voted in fair and square. People moan far too much in this country and it is getting silly. If anything the laws should be tighter. If you don’t like it, then VOTE. The only caveat to that is certain sections of society like benefit bums and illegals shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    This is possibly one of the best governments we’ve ever had and all people can do is moan.

    Moaners should be locked up, as if the government doesn’t have to tread on eggshells for fear of offending minorities already!!

    I think we should have more respect for our prime minister and queen and if people are rude and disrespectful to authority then they deserve to go to jail. I for one think that countries like Thailand have the right idea tbh.

    Show respect or pay the consequences!

    End of.

  26. -7

    Nonsense, utter nonsense. The Uk is one of the very freeest and liberal democraciess in the world. In fact it often takesyears to remove ( deport ) hardened terroirsts from Britain

  27. Jean Thirtle says:

    You talk of “little-known laws” but don’t ay what they are! It’s a bit difficult to protest about something if we are unable to say what we are talking about. Can anybody enlighten us?

  28. 6

    The UK used to be the most liberal country in the world. Free speech was tolerated. Then along came the various terrorist groups and successive governments have used them as an excuse to restrict our freedom
    Now it seems they have sealed up the last outlet we had for free speech. Welcome to the future

  29. 0

    What about the freedom of speech act?? This takes people right to fair trials to a whole new level.. Wow!! Glad I also don’t live in these countries!! Even young people can say things they may not mean..

  30. 2

    This is why a lot of political blogs have disappeared in the UK, to write bad stuff get’s you noticed, arrested and then punished…

  31. 3

    this is exactly the sort of move that tories always told me socialists would put in place…

    1984 is here and it’s not left-wing

  32. 5

    I am the Rhianne form Itccs as mentioned in the article. I would like to add that through public demand and our members bombarding the hospital with phone calls we had David Compan released after 3 days

  33. 2

    Glad I’m not a UK subject so it wont be against the law for me to criticise these incompetent, cruel and unjust people.

    My advice would be; get out while you still can!

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