Thousands of protesters gathered at Capitol Hill in America to protest against the spying organisation otherwise known as the National Security Agency (NSA).

The scope of the spying was laid bare by Edward Snowden who has since been hunted down by US agencies following his revelations.

People carried signs reading: “Stop Mass Spying,” “Thank you, Edward Snowden” and “Unplug Big Brother” during the march which was organised by a coalition known as “Stop Watching Us” on October 26th. The coalition consists of around 100 public advocacy groups and organisations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, privacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation, Occupy Wall Street NYC and the Libertarian Party.

Protesters from all political persuasions gathered together as liberal privacy advocates walked alongside members of the Republican party to oppose the unlawful spying on citizens.

Michael Greene, one of the protesters, told Reuters: “I consider myself a conservative and no conservative wants their government collecting information on them and storing it and using it.”

NSA protest2

Recently it was revealed that the NSA has also been spying on both officials and citizens in other countries including Mexico, France, Germany and Brazil, to name but a few.

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