Nubia Bowe

Nubia Bowe

A US girl was attacked by police after she was arrested for dancing, it has been reported.

Nubia Bowe, 19, was travelling home one evening in March on a train in San Francisco, when police were called after someone complained about a group of young men and women dancing on a train and soliciting money.

However, when the police arrived, they picked Bowe out as the subject, even though she had not seen anyone dancing on the train.

Despite all of the other people on the train repeatedly telling the police that Bowe and her friends were not the suspects, the police decided to arrest them anyway, leading to Bowe being charged with misdemeanors and kicked out of university.

Bowe was slammed to the ground, handcuffed and accused of ‘resisting arrest’, among other charges.
When she reached the county jail at Santa Rita, she says that three male officers and a female guard beat her up for allegedly attacking one of the guards, and she was put in restraints, similar to a straight jacket.
She was then placed in a wrap which had handcuffs attached and a belt connecting her upper body to her ankles.

She was in custody for four nights. Her bail was set at $120,000.

Although the charge of dancing on the train was eventually dropped, the arrest resulted in Bowe being kicked out of her training program, where she was only two months away from graduating.
However, Bowe still faces charges of ‘fighting police’. Police allege that she had been violent against them.

Speaking to reporters, civil-rights Attorney Dan Siegel, who represents Bowe, said: “This case represents another example of racial profiling by BART police. Although the end isn’t as tragic, its similar to the Oscar Grant case. Some person made a complaint about dancing on BART, Nubia and her friends were not the people dancing, and yet, she still faces two sets of charges for allegedly fighting with police and resisting arrest.”

Bowe added: “Three male guards and one female guard came in my cell and beat me up. They hit me and then said that I assaulted one of them. So they chained my wrists to my ankles and tipped me over onto the urine-soaked ground so I couldn’t get up. I could tell they were trying to break my spirit.”

As a result of the incident, Bowe’s family and her friends have set up an anti-police brutality group called One Shot Away Coalition. The coalition is saying that people – especially African-Americans – are all one shot away from imprisonment and/or being killed by the police.

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