Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen

A former marine veteran in the US has won millions after suing the Oakland police force for brutality.

Scott Olsen, 26 was awarded $4.5 million after sustaining injuries during the Occupy protests.

During the protests he was hit on the head by a non-lethal missile fired by a police officer.

Shortly afterwards, he was admitted to hospital in a critical condition with a fractured skull, broken neck vertebrae and swelling of the brain.

In 2011, fellow vet and anti-war activist Matthis Chiroux, told reporters at RT: “It’s heartbreaking, especially to think that this young man went overseas twice and came back in one piece to a country in shambles. He goes out into the streets, he’s got a job he’s got a house, but he goes out to stand with the 99 percent and he’s the first one brutalized.”

Olsen said that he was happy that the case had quickly come to a close.

One of his lawyers, Jim Chanin, told the San Francisco Chronicle, that it’s “a very sad day, not only for Scott, who’s going to have to start his life all over, but for the city of Oakland, which has been hit with yet another unnecessary lawsuit with a very large settlement that could have been used for the public good while Scott went on with his life, without his injury.”

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