US cops have come under fire after spraying mace in a suspect’s vagina, it has been reported.

The police in New Mexico have already prompted outrage from the public after conducting 14 hour cavity searches at traffic stops and conducting unnecessary and repeated vaginal probes on an innocent woman; however yet another disturbing pattern of police behaviour appears to be emerging.

A New Mexico woman reported being in pain for weeks after a Bernalillo County corrections officer strip-searched her and sprayed mace in her vagina.

The ACLU, on behalf of Marlene Tapia, filed a federal lawsuit this week two years after Tapia first contacted the organisation.
Simonson said civil rights cases are complicated to build, but that his staff filed the case within the two-year statute of limitations.

According to court records, police arrested Tapia for a probation violation tied to a previous drug case. While at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Tapia said two officers strip searched her and asked her to bend over at the waist. That’s when they noticed a plastic baggie protruding from Tapia’s vagina.

Instead of taking Tapia to a doctor to have the baggie removed, she said one of the officers – Blanca Zapater – sprayed a chemical agent directly on her genitals twice.

Simonson said the chemical agent was mace.

It is worth noting that New Mexico is not the only state where these types of human rights violations has occurred.

In Texas, Philadelphia, Oakland and Florida there have been reports of innocent motorists being subject to random strip and cavity searches in full view of the public, on the streets.

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