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As if the pre-screen and security process at the airport wasn’t long enough, now it may become even more of a process before you ever get to board the plane.

Being weighed before you board the plane.

Sure, some passengers may feel that their privacy and personal space is being violated, and to be honest, they’re probably right. Most aircraft planes operate by estimates and guesses to how much weight the plane will be carrying. Based on these estimates, they decide how much fuel to keep on the plane.

With this method, the plane may be carrying too much or too little fuel. If they are carrying too much, then they are spending too much. If they carry too little, then they will have to make unnecessary stops to refuel the plane.

These generic estimates for weight aren’t very useful nor accurate.

The solution? Fuel Matrix is looking to create software that will be able to weigh passengers to correctly estimate the amount of fuel the plane needs.

But what about privacy issues? While some passengers may not care if their weight is being calculated and stored into the system, there are other passengers that may feel a little strong about having their weight checked. Especially those that have eating disorders or other related health issues.

Campaigners argue that this is just another way to collect and store data on the public.

One way that Fuel Matrix is proposing to “manage” this is to add the individual’s weight to their passport and require it for all flights has also been tossed around.

Another issue arises with this strategy that claims the aircraft may try to reduce spending by only carrying a small amount of fuel and underestimate the needs.This may cause more fuel stops along the way and thus increase prices.

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However the idea of weighing passengers is not a new one. Last year, Finnish Airlines asked some passengers to volunteer to be weighed after claiming they were trying to calculate the total weight and safety of their aircraft, to check whether they were correct against their estimates.

Only 180 people volunteered to be part of the weighing process, with the airline needing 2,000 people to check the weight estimates given.

Some were concerned that by weighing passengers, it could affect their flight experience or cost, following on from Samoa Air who charged passengers per kilo in 2013.

Fuel Matrix argue that this method could reduce ticket prices for the passengers and fuel prices for the plane.

However, if a passenger is deemed to exceed the accepted weight level, then it seems more likely that it will increase prices for some passengers. It is doubtful that airlines would dramatically decrease their profits and their ticket prices should this new method be introduced.

As if the scanners, belt removals, excess baggage charges and strip searches weren’t enough, now even our body weight may come under scrutiny. Perhaps it was only a matter of time.

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