Miriam Carey

Miriam Carey

A young mother who reportedly tried to ram her car into the barricades of the US capitol yesterday has been shot dead by police.

Dental hygienist Miriam Carey, 34, had been taking a cocktail of antidepressants and pharmaceutical drugs to treat schizophrenia when she was stopped at a checkpoint near the White House.

Law enforcement authorities claim that she was driving erratically and rammed a security car near the White House, hit several officers and refused to stop despite the pleas of the police.

Allegedly after hitting several officers, police then fired shots into her car through her open window.

Please be aware that all of the online accounts of the woman have so far come from ‘anonymous law enforcement sources’.

Patty Bills, an eyewitness to the incident up on Capitol Hill today in an interview with CNN said that she wasn’t sure how many people were inside the car and involved in the incident.

Bills added: “I saw them trying to pull someone from the car and realized when they actually pulled someone from the car it was a child.

“And it takes you back a little bit at that moment. And as soon as the child was pulled from the car is when the gunfire really let loose. I heard the gunshots. I saw the policemen shooting. It appeared someone got out, and it looked like a rush of people running. At that particular time, you didn’t know if there was more suspects involved.”

It was also reported that the supposedly uninjured child who was later taken into custody had been taken to the hospital.

After the incident, the police officers who shot the woman were praised for their allegedly “heroic” actions.

However, shortly after the incident, online forums were ablaze with criticisms of the police asking why the police did not shoot the tyres and taser the woman through the open window instead of shooting her several times when she was driving away from the White House.

The car Carey was driving was not damaged from the front, despite running over several police officers and doing a three point turn through crowds of armed police officers and barricades which she reportedly rammed into.

The case continues.


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