I like a good conspiracy theory. It has always fascinated me to ponder about why people believe in the Men in Black, little green men, and chemtrails. Apparently, according to some, the Queen of England is secretly a 6-foot giant reptilian lizard that wants to eat us all for dinner! Oh Lizzie, how could you?

Oh and don’t forget the latest fad – flat earthers. According to these guys, the earth is really flat and the idea that it is a globe is just a big con perpetrated by our Illuminati overlords. Sounds plausible. 😂 

But as entertaining as most tinfoil hat theories sound, I couldn’t help but be curious about the ones that can’t be so easily dismissed. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are basement dwellers that can make these perfectly rational yet unusual things seem much more sinister than they actually are.

I’m one of them actually. You’ll see that with my provocative headlines below!

All jokes aside, these things may actually make you question your reality. Hmm. Or maybe not. Who knows? Perhaps we’re all living in the matrix after all. 👽

Without further ado, I ask you to open your minds, do your own due diligence and dive deep into the weird world of conspiracy……facts?! 🤔

UFO Disclosure Has Happened

A spaceship hovering over a field

The US military has confirmed the existence of UFOs

No irreverent article on conspiracy theories would be complete without mentioning UFOs. But let’s be clear. I’m not talking about little green men here (unfortunately). That would be cool, wouldn’t it? On the other hand, there are things in the sky that nobody seems to understand.

Don’t take it from me. Take it from the US military. Last month, the Department of Defense confirmed on Thursday that recently leaked photos and videos of UFOs were legitimate and taken by navy personnel.

However, in order to avoid the connotation of grey aliens kidnapping unwitting human victims, the US government doesn’t call them UFOs. They call them UAPs, which are short for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. 

But this isn’t the first time that the US government and military have taken an interest in UFOs, sorry UAPs

In April 2020, the Department of Defense released three videos (one recorded in 2004 and the other two in 2015) of U.S. Navy pilots seeing something flying in the skies and having no idea what it was. Again, we’re not necessarily talking about aliens. So, what are we talking about then? Nobody knows. The US military is still trying to find out.

Last year, the Department of Defense established a UAP task force to improve its understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UFOs. The reason they are monitoring UFOs (ahem, UAPs) is to ensure they don’t pose a threat to national security. Sounds like something straight out of the X-Files doesn’t it?

I’m not joking either. Read their statement for yourself on the Department of Defense website

The truth is out there……..

Mad Scientists Are Changing The Weather and Trying to Block The Sun!

Sunset surrounded by geoengineering clouds

Harvard scientists announced that they were using geoengineering to dim the sun

So you know I laughed earlier at those tin foil hatters that claim scientists are trying to block the sun using spray from airplanes, which are informally known as chemtrails?

Ok, well, I’m still kind of laughing at them, because they also believe in flat earth and Martians, but they are not totally wrong. 

In 2018, David Keith, a scientist from Harvard University said that his research team would be spraying sun-reflecting chemical particles into the atmosphere to artificially cool the planet, using a balloon flying 80,000 feet over Fort Sumner, New Mexico. 

Keith owns a multimillion-dollar geoengineering research centre provided by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

They plan to pump out tens or hundreds of kilograms of sulfate aerosols into the sky.

Now they do emphasize the fact that they are not trying to change the weather. Well, not exactly. They are saying that instead, the stated aim is to block sun rays.

He said: “The objective is not to alter the climate, but simply to probe the processes at a micro-scale. The direct risk is very small.”

Read more about the experiment to dim the sun in the scientific journal Nature.

However, a 2008 study by scientists at Rutgers University revealed that geoengineering could cause potential to harm billions of people.

Biblical Locust Plagues Are Tormenting Humans

Plague of locusts

Locusts have been plaguing parts of Africa and the Middle East

Anyone with even a passing recollection of the bible would have heard of the biblical plagues in Egypt which saw water turn into blood, while it rained frogs, lice, gnats, diseased livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness for three days, and the killing of all firstborn sons.

Phew! Sounds like a handful doesn’t it? Well, the locust plagues of 2020 were almost biblical. While the Covid-19 plague had ravaged much of the world, locust plagues swarmed across Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Eritrea, India, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

When swarms affect several countries at once in very large numbers, it is known as a plague. Eventually, the use of a broad-spectrum pesticide helped to reduce the swarms of pesky locusts.

But that’s not all. Now in 2021, areas of Australia are being overrun with something much worse…rat plagues! I don’t know about you, but personally, I prefer locusts to rats!

Steaks Fell From The Sky in The Kentucky Meat Showers

steak chunks falling from the sky

Meat showers falling from the sky

Talking of biblical plagues, there was a plague of a very different kind back in the 1800s – of a somewhat carnal nature. After all, meat doesn’t grow on trees, but it does fall from the sky. Or at least it did. 

In March 1876, showers of meat rained down upon Bath County, Kentucky. Nobody really knows what caused the Kentucky meat showers but there are several theories. 

The most popular theory is that the showers of meat were caused by a group of startled vultures, which regurgitated their meals after being startled into taking flight.

The strange phenomena was recorded in publications such as Scientific American, The New York Times and several other publications at the time.

According to a New York Times article published  a week after the incident, the strange occurence happened right outside the house of farmer, Allen Crouch, whose wife was outside making soap when it happened. She said she was 40 steps from her house when the meat started to slap the ground.

Several theories emerged about the nature of the meat. Reports ranged from beef, lamp, venison or mutton. 

A report by Scientific American revealed that seven samples were examined by several scientists, who confirmed two to be lung tissue, three to be muscular tissue, and two were said to be made of cartilage. 

Most of the pieces were approximately 2 by 2 inches (5 cm × 5 cm); at least one was 4 by 4 inches (10 cm × 10 cm).

A similar event was later reported in Europe.

Read more about the carnal rain in Scientific American.

CIA Has Confirmed Existence of The Matrix and Out of Body Experiences

A spirit leaves the body of a woman in a swirling cloud

The CIA has confirmed the existence of out of body experiences

Now, this has all the hallmarks of a classic conspiracy theory. You’ve got experiments shrouded in secrecy, the military, existence of the occult, interdimensional travel, the matrix, and of course, the CIA. After all, every good conspiracy theory must involve the CIA.

I can already see you rolling your eyes, because it sounds like a Harry Potter fantasy, but bear with me. I have the receipts.

In the 1980s, Wayne McDonnell, Commander of the US Army Operational Group, attended an Out of Body Experience (OBE) Course called Gateway, which was created by the late Robert Monroe, who created the Monroe Insititute, founded in 1974. The Monroe Institute professes to teach people how to get their soul to temporarily leave the physical body.

OBEs describe the spiritual phenomena of people being able to temporarily leave their physical body and explore different dimensions. It is said that people with this ability can travel interdimensionally through time and space and gather the information they would not have been privy to otherwise.

McDonnell’s job was to find out whether there was any scientific basis for the phenomena of out-of-body theory. The order to officially investigate the phenomena came directly from the CIA.

After undergoing the course, he concluded that Hemi-sync, a combination of binaural beats and sound technology developed by Monroe, can induce a kundalini experience and out-of-body experience. He also uses quantum physics to explain the existence of a holographic reality (ahem, matrix) and the reality of the law of attraction.

The report claims that advanced meditation techniques, visualization, affirmation, and brainwave sound technology can spark miraculous healing, spontaneous OBEs, profound relaxation, and an expansion of consciousness. Oh, and the CIA report claimed that matter does not exist. Instead, it said that the universe is made up of oscillating energy grids, surrounded by oscillating energy grids (similar to the ‘there’s no such thing as reality’ that we’ll discuss later on).

It defies logic, doesn’t it? But as Niels Bohr, the renowned physicist once said: “You are not thinking, you are merely being logical”.

How do I know this report even exists? How do I know it isn’t fake? Did I get it off some random Twitter guy, or some weirdo off of Reddit? Nope! This came directly from a declassified CIA document, which is still available on their website. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. But read it for yourself here (and above), directly from the CIA website.

Lucid Dreams Have Been Scientifically Proven

a woman wades through a fantasy landscape

There is a scientific basis to lucid dreams

Ok, so we’ve already dived into the weird world of out-of-body experiences, so we may as well talk about lucid dreams as well, which are a little more common and less weird.

But before we get into that, let’s first discuss: what are lucid dreams? There are so many misconceptions that I think we better start with that.

Lucid dreams are simply defined as a dream in which you know you are dreaming, while the dream is happening.

If you have ever woken up in a strange, fantasy world and understood that you were dreaming and that the reality around you was not real, then that my friend, is a lucid dream.

We are not merely talking about a vivid dream, as some people mistakenly claim. A vivid dream is a dream that seems very real and memorable. That is not what we are talking about. Not unless you also knew you were dreaming.

In the 1970s, scientist Keith Hearne Ph.D. at the University of Hull (UK) was able to use laboratory technology and sleep studies to confirm the existence of lucid dreams. Prior to lucid dreams being established as scientific fact, there was a consensus in the scientific community that lucid dreams were just a load of hocus pocus, woo-woo and abracadabra. Similar sentiments were expressed about hypnosis. But we now know, that these things do in fact, exist.

Hearne was working in the sleep lab with the talented lucid dreamer, Alan Worsley, and using electrodes, he captured the eye-signal verification evidence from Alan in April 1975 on the REM polygraph readout. His work was very similar to that of Stephen LaBerge at Stanford University (US) in 1978, who used himself as the subject and monitored his REM signals.

Stephen LaBerge noted that when he presented his scientific research to the prestigious journal Science, one of the reviewers adamantly refused to believe that it was possible to become lucidly aware in the dream state, so it was rejected for publication. When he sought publication in Nature, they did not review the study, deeming the topic “not of sufficient general interest”. Eventually, his research was accepted by the peer-reviewed Journal of Perceptual and Motor Skills in 1980.

Read more about lucid dreaming in the scientific study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

GMO Mutant Mosquitos and Parasitic Wasps Unleashed in the Wild

wasps flying down the hill

Parasitic wasps have been released in the UK

Full disclosure here…I HATE bugs. Especially spiders and even worse, mosquitos. But the only thing worse than the usual ugly, and biting creepy crawlies are…mutant creepies.

Let’s start with genetically modified mosquitos. Yes, you read that correctly.

On May 14th, the first GMO mosquitos were released in the Florida Keys. The scheme was controversial in Florida and drew widespread criticism and protests over the scheme.

The modified Aedes aegypti mosquitoes will be in six Keys locations: two on Cudjoe Key, one on Ramrod Key, and three on Vaca Key, with the non-biting male mosquitoes starting to emerge in May, according to Oxitec, a British biotech company that is conducting the trial.

However, protesters in Florida Keys have cited concerns over cause allergies, harm people and the environment. Another concern is that it could have a negative impact on wildlife that rely on mosquitos as their food source.

But mosquitos are not the only creepy crawlies that are set to be unleashed in the wild. In England, thousands of parasitic wasps were released in the Southeast of England to save the chestnut trees.

Now normal wasps are bad enough but the ones that lay eggs inside you are just unthinkable. Luckily, it is thought that they can’t actually lay eggs inside humans (thank goodness!) but they do lay eggs in other insects. In tropical countries, although flies and wasps themselves don’t lay eggs in you, they do lay on arthropods such as mosquitoes, which in turn lay eggs on humans.

Fortunately we don’t or didn’t have a huge problem with disease-carrying mosquitos in the UK…until recently.

Let’s hope the parasitic wasps and Asian tiger mosquitoes don’t collude to create an unholy alliance of human egg-laying mutant machines.

Read more about the GMO mosquitos in Scientific American.

The Government Listens In On Everything

A person uses laptop in a dark office

The Investigatory Powers Act gives the government the power to monitor the browsing habits of every computer in the UK

Sometimes talking to conspiracy theorists is a bit like speaking to paranoid schizophrenics. Tinfoil hatters always think the bad boys in the government are secretly spying on them and listening in to all of those kinky conversations they’re having with their mistresses. But what if they are?

As the old saying goes…just because you’re paranoid…doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

Enter the Investigatory Powers Act in the UK.

So what is it exactly, and what is its scope? Basically, it allows the government to spy on internet activity, phone records and enables public bodies to grant themselves access to these personal details with no suspicion of ‘serious crime’ and no independent sign-off.

In March 2021, the government admitted to secretly testing surveillance technology that could log and store the web browsing history of every single person in the UK. The tests were conducted by the Home Office, the National Crime Agency, and two unnamed service providers.

Should the tests be successful (nobody knows if they were), the data collection systems could be rolled out nationally, creating one of the most powerful and controversial surveillance tools used by any ‘’democratic’ nation.

Another Act called the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Act (CHIS) gives the green light to various government agencies using child spies.

The government has remained tight-lipped about other details of the case.

Read more about this creepy new act here and here on the government’s website.

The Government Used Civilian Guinea Pigs

distressed man covers face with electrodes attached to his head

The governments of the world have routinely experimented on their own citizens

This sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. And it’s something that conspiracy theorists talk about all the time. Unfortunately, this time, they are true.

In 1963 the UK’s Porton Down military science centre carried out tests to release zinc cadmium sulphide in the atmosphere over Norwich. The tests were conducted to test the impact of chemicals on human health.

It was many examples of secret experiments conducted in the name of military research during the 1950s and ’60s, now chronicled comprehensively for the first time in a new book by University historian Professor Ulf Schmidt.

One particular test — involving live plague bacteria — was carried out off the west coast of Scotland in 1952. It also released nerve gas over parts of Nigeria at the time.

Read more about it on the University of Kent website and here.

Joints for Jabs

Masked volunteers hand out marijuana joints under a canopy

Residents in Washington and New York have been offered cannabis joints in exchange for injections

In the Bronx, New York, and also in Washington, locals have been offered spliffs in exchange for Covid-19 jabs. Around the world, there have been many incentives being offered in exchange for people getting a vaccine, including bribing people with money, alcohol, burgers, and savings bonds.

But the latest initiative is simply bizarre. A cannabis reform group called D.C Marijuana Justice (DCMJ), a cannabis policy reform group, kickstarted a campaign called Joints for Jabs and has distributed more than 10,000 free joints at multiple events held outside vaccination sites.

In Jamaica, the government has found another way to incentivize its residents to take the jabs by offering elderly residents with no savings up to $10,000 to take the jab.

There’s No Such Thing As Reality

Female hacker from the matrix dressed in shiny black leather with a green and black background

Scientists have apparently disproven the very idea of reality itself

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder…it does. Scientists are now saying that reality itself isn’t real. (Well that would explain some of the bizarre occurrences we’ve discussed so far!)

Now, this could all be a theory. Accept, various physicists are claiming to have evidence that not only is matter not real…nothing is.

The first scientist to make this claim was Albert Einstein. He was famously quoted as saying: “Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.”

However, we was not the only one. The 19th-century scientist Thomas Young, performed the famous double-slit experiment which showed that observing photons influenced their behaviour. It was kind of like proving that you would only hear a tree falling in the woods if you sawit.

This is a theory echoed by modern quantum physicists who believe that we are living in a kind of consensus reality that is strongly and subconsciously influenced by our perception of it.

Other scientists simply claim that there is not enough evidence to say for certain whether this is true or not. According to skeptics in the Scientific American, we just don’t know either way. So reality may be real, or it may not be.

Perhaps we’re living in the matrix after all.

Remember that CIA report from earlier, that said matter does not exist? Well, apparently, neither does reality.

Read more about the theory here in a paper published by the University of São Paulo.

Now if that isn’t enough to make you question everything, I don’t know what is! What a weird world we live in!


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