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Photo Credit: DIS Student Photographer, Misako Ono

Positive journalism centre to launch in Denmark

One of Europe’s first centre’s dedicated to constructive journalism will be set up later this year. Launching in Denmark, the aim of the centre is to create a more positive global news agenda. The centre is the product of a collaboration between three journalism schools, following the success of The Constructive News course, which launched last year. Cathrine Gyldensted, an[Read More…]

Food packaging has been found to contain toxic chemicals

Toxic chemicals found in packaging

There have been recent reports of toxic chemicals found in food packaging that can pose a long-term health risk to all consumers. Unbeknownst to millions, they are putting themselves at risk of a number of diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes. Scientists told the Daily Express, “A range of chemicals are leaking from containers into food and drink. Although it[Read More…]

Birds have had their feathers burned as a result of the solar farm

Anger as world largest solar farm burns birds

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, the world’s largest solar plant of its kind, recently switched on its solar panels, situated five square miles of the Mojave Desert, near the California and Nevada border. State energy officials have just released shocking photos of birds which were burned after flying into the hot ‘thermal flux’ around the towers. The towers can[Read More…]

Global Protection employees refuse to control freight trains to England

Employees of the company Global Protection, who are in charge of monitoring an area of​rail freight at Eurotunnel, didn’t control freight trains bound for the UK earlier this month. The reason for their strike was due to the fact that they are at the end of their contract between their company and the company Réseau Ferré de France. On May[Read More…]

Death warning as MPs slam Atos

Death warning as MPs slam Atos

Thousands of terminally ill and disabled people across the UK have died following assessments by Atos, it has been revealed. Opening a debate in Parliament, former Labour minister Michael Meacher said that 1,300 people have died after being placed in the “work-related activity group”. He said: “I have been sent nearly 300 case histories, many of which make heart-rending reading.[Read More…]