It has recently been confirmed that police have arrested a 67 year old man with links to Downing Street.

The suspect was arrested in Dorset, on suspicion of historical child abuse following an investigation into claims of a paedophile ring with links to the top levels of government.

So far the police have refused to name this suspect, who was questioned at a local police station before being released.

This latest investigation is part of an inquiry named Operation Brancaster, which was established after MP Tom Watson claimed there was a child abuse group which had with links to Number 10.

The MP claimed that a file of evidence used to convict a man called Peter Righton of importing child pornography in 1992 contained strong evidence of a paedophile gang.

This is one of a series of police operations and arrests that have been made over the year.

Earlier this year, Andrew Ash, 45, claimed that he was abused, along with many other boys, by a female MP in a care home. The unnamed MP is alleged to have forced a boy in care to perform a vile sex act at one of a series of drug-fuelled parties in Westminster in the 80s where boys and girls as young as 13 were allegedly abused.

Ash was interviewed for over 70 hours by the Metropolitan Police regarding his claims, and expressed his frustration over the progress.

Police also seized video footage and photographs of an alleged sex party from a well-known paedophile last year.

Over the year, a number of high profile arrests have been made, with celebrities such as Max Clifford, and Rolf Harris being jailed for sexual assault, as a result of these investigations.

However, could these convictions simply be a cover for other more serious paedophile rings, that go all the way up to the top?

In the UK, the Rotherham child abuse case hit the headlines in the media after it was reported that Asian men had targeted white children and sexually abused them. In many cases, the children were ignored or dismissed.

What was NOT reported was the links these men have to government-run care homes, and other higher level paedophile gangs across the country.

While it was reported that the care homes failed to protect the children, no serious investigation was carried out as to why the children were not protected, and why some of the men involved have to this day evaded justice.

Although it was painted as a simple case of Asian men attacking white children, what has not come to light is why there appears to be such a high level of sexual abuse, trafficking and rape of children of all races and demographics in care homes across the country.

Serious inquiries into the background of these men and who they had links to have also been conspicuously neglected,

Over the last couple of years, it has emerged that prolific paedophiles such as Jimmy Savile, had links with the children’s home Haut de la Garenne, which he initially denied visiting. The children’s home was named as being at the centre of serious rape allegations made by former residents. Savile later retracted that denial, after photographs emerged of him visiting the children’s home.

During his lifetime, Savile visited a large number of children’s homes and hospitals. Thousands of complaints emerged from men and women about the sexual abuse they suffered at his hands while they were children.

Many of the rape allegations against Saville were made while he was alive, but were not properly investigated by the police.

In addition, Jimmy Savile was linked with the Elm guest House where some of the worst abuses of children were reported to have taken place.

The Elm Guest House has been at the centre of claims of sexual abuse and the grooming of children by prominent British men, including former government ministers, senior MPs, top police officers and people with links to the royal household, at parties held there.

Prominent people who attended parties at Elm Guest House are reported to have included the Liberal MP Cyril Smith and the Soviet spy Anthony Blunt. According to The Independent, other alleged visitors to the guesthouse include the former British diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, as well as a Sinn Féin politician, a Labour MP, several Conservative politicians, judges and pop stars.

Broadmoor has also been cited as another location where abuse has taken place. Both Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville were known to have regularly visited Broadmoor where female patients were made to line up in front of staff and “others” and then stripped completely naked. They were also watched while they bathed. This practice was common until the 1980s, and it is unknown whether similar practices occur today.

Although there has been a shocking lack of independent and fully transparent inquiries into the links between the highest levels of government, care home providers and predatory rape gangs across the UK, one thing is clear.

The scourge of child abuse and paedophilia is not just limited to a few Asian men preying on white children.

Over the last few years, the many thousands of reports from men, women and children of all races and demographics, in addition to the investigations of people such as Bill maloney, a well known anti-child abuse campaigner – have made it clear that these paedophile rings stretch farther beyond what is currently reported.

It would seem as though we are barely touching the tip of the iceberg into the real reasons why both the police and care homes colluded with the perpetrators in the Rotherham case, and covered it up. It is also unclear why so many of the MPs and high profile celebrities involved in similar scandals evaded justice for so long.

One naturally has to ask: what else is being hidden and what events are unfolding today that we do not yet know about?

In order for the many victims of child abuse to receive some closure, it is vital that the public demands answers to these very important questions, and refuse to allow this issue to be brushed under the carpet until all the perpetrators are long gone.

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