3 year-old Ariana Smith after her brand new haircut

3 year-old Ariana Smith after her brand new haircut

A young toddler has shown her altruistic side after watching a documentary that featured girls who don’t have hair.

Three-year-old Ariana Smith from Winterport, Maine, watched a video from Extra Life, a charity that raises money for Children’s hospitals through video gaming. The documentary featured another young girl, who had no hair due to receiving treatment for cancer.

Arianna then asked her parents about the things that she saw.

Josh Smith, Ariana’s father, said in an interview with the Huffington Post: “”She asked why the little girl had no hair. We explained that she was sick and that the medicine they were using made her hair fall out.”

Arianna then offered to donate some of her own hair. On November 21st, the toddler had a few locks of her hair cut off with the help of her parents.

Her parents said she is adjusting well to her new hair cut.

Her father added: “I think she’s just a caring person. She has a little play set of medical devices which she uses often. I’ve had my blood pressure and heart rate ‘checked’ hundreds of times this year.”

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