A British man who has been imprisoned for 27 years for murder in the US is launching a fresh appeal after new evidence indicates he was set up by police officers in the country.
Krishna Maharaj, 74, is a former multi-millionaire who was convicted of the murder of an ex-business associate and his son.

Maharaj was found guilty of the killing of of a father and son, Derrick and Duane Moo Young in 1986.

But thanks to an investigation by his lawyers which has lasted years, it is now the subject of a fresh appeal, supported by multiple witnesses and extensive documentation.

According to papers reviewed by a Florida court earlier this month, Maharaj was framed by police officers and witnesses who lied in order to protect the real killers – hitmen from Colombia’s notorious Medellin drugs cartel.

It is worth noting at this point, that since his arrest, five criminal judges were indicted for taking huge bribes to ‘fix’ drugs cases and 20 police officers – some of which were involved in the case- have been jailed for racketeering and drug dealing. Several were convicted of murder.

The documents cite a body of fresh testimony stating that similar corruption was at work in the Maharaj case. Some of it comes from Pete Romero, a retired Miami policeman who was one of the main detectives on the Moo Young case.

Before Romero committed suicide last year, the documents revealed that he said explicitly that police had committed further murders and framed Mr Maharaj.

That claim has also been supported by other whistleblowers within the police force. The case was first unleashed by the Mail on Sunday.

But what about the ‘victims’ (Moo Young’s) who Mr Maharaj were convicted of killing? At the time of his trial, the Moo Young’s were portrayed as as almost penniless.

It has now emerged that the Moo Young’s controlled funds worth billions of pounds, while their front company, Cargil SA, was registered in the Bahamas at the office of a notorious drug cartel lawyer.

They were also found to have been involved in money laundering and extorting extra commissions worth many millions from their drug baron clients – which creates one of the strongest possible motives for their eventual murder.

According to further information unearthed from the Mail on Sunday, only one room on the 12th floor of the Dupont Plaza besides 1215 was occupied on the day they were killed. Across the hall was Jaime Vallejo Mejia, a Colombian who was later convicted in Oklahoma of transporting and depositing vast sums of cash into Swiss bank accounts as a cartel courier.

It has also been established that six alibi witnesses who have always said they were having lunch with Mr Maharaj 30 miles away when the Moo Youngs were shot have stuck by their  stories, although – inexplicably – his trial defence lawyer, Eric Hendon, failed to call them as witnesses.

It is claimed that hours before the Moo Young’s got there, the real killers – planning to frame Maharaj – lured him to a business meeting with a man who never turned up. This, he argues, is the reason why his fingerprints were found on the scene.

According to one witness who was interviewed by the Mail on Sunday: “There was a ‘pattern’ of criminal wrongdoing by officers, especially in its Narcotics Vice squad – the inspiration for the TV series.

“This was about making certain people disappear. Teams of officers were directly involved in murders, in both carrying out hits and in an accessory role, framing others and allowing hits to occur.”

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