Roots in Empathy classes have been shown to reduce aggression

Radical new programme encourages children to be more empathetic

A radical new project has revealed the extent to which young babies can help children between the ages of five and seven to develop greater empathy. In thousands of schools across the globe, a new initiative entitled ‘Roots in Empathy’ conducted sessions in which a neighbourhood infant and parent visits a classroom every three weeks over the school year. As[Read More…]

The government in Northern Ireland is attempting to restrict home education

Home education under threat in NI

Home education is under threat in Northern Ireland under new proposals announced recently. There is a review of Home Education policy currently underway in N. Ireland which is proposing drastic restrictions on home educators. Currently in the UK, there are no restrictions on home education and contrary to common perceptions, parents are under no obligation to register if they want[Read More…]

Cops order children to tear down treehouse

Cops order children to tear down treehouse

Last week, on Easter Sunday, police in Northumbria were called after children were caught committing the evil crime of building a den in the local woods. The group of girls were busy making a treehouse in Warkworth Woods when local dog walkers called the police after they saw the girls building the den. Police then arrived on the scene and[Read More…]

Professor Jonathan Jansen was one of South Africa's first black Deans

‘Make love not war’ says South Africa’s first black Dean

Professor Jonathan Jansen knows more than anyone how hatred and conflict can lead to the complete destruction and colonisation of a country. He grew up during the apartheid era when a young black man from South Africa had no prospects and was very likely to end up in prison during the white minority rule. But that was not to be[Read More…]

Fannie Sebolela

Ex gardener turns impoverished school into one of South Africa’s best

The power of the human spirit has never failed to amaze. It is incredibly inspirational to hear about individuals who have singlehandedly helped to change their communities for the better. And why is this important? It is important because not only does it encourage others to do the same in a world where all we hear about is doom and[Read More…]