Russia rolls out Covid-19 vaccine

Russia rolls out Covid-19 vaccine

Russia is one of the first countries to announce the rollout of its Covid-19 vaccine programme, it has been announced. Clinics in the capital Moscow are currently inoculating those most at risk from the virus. The Russian-made Sputnik V Covid-19 shot is first being offered to doctors and other medical workers, teachers and social workers. Despite the fact that it[Read More…]

Russian missile test

Russia test fires ballistic missiles

Russia test fires a ballistic missile called ‘Satan Two’ that has the capacity to carry 12 nuclear warheads. The rocket, also known as RS-28 Sarmat, travelled 3,600 miles and was fired from the Plestek Cosmodrome. It ended by hitting a target on the Kura test range. They also carried out successful ballistic nuclear missile tests on submarines while three bombers[Read More…]