Police Brutality

Kidnapped detainees are routinely tortured by US state officials in Guantanimo

CIA ordered doctors to torture detainees held in Guantanamo Bay without charge

A new report has revealed how the CIA ordered military doctors to break their oath and design new torture methods in Guantanamo Bay. Hundreds of prisoners have been kept without charge and without concrete evidence at the prison. One of the main methods of extracting confessions from them is through the use of torture. Disturbingly, a report by the Taskforce[Read More…]

Daniel Kaluuya says he was targeted by violent cops because of his colour

UK man sues the Met police after violent strip-search

A British man is suing the police after they ordered him off the bus and forced him to take his trousers off in public. Daniel Kaluuya who appeared in the TV hit series Skins is suing the Metropolitan police after accusing them of picking on him as a suspected drug dealer because of his colour. Daniel had been sitting on[Read More…]

Miriam Carey

Young mother shot dead after reportedly trying to ram car into White House

A young mother who reportedly tried to ram her car into the barricades of the US capitol yesterday has been shot dead by police. Dental hygienist Miriam Carey, 34, had been taking a cocktail of antidepressants and pharmaceutical drugs to treat schizophrenia when she was stopped at a checkpoint near the White House. Law enforcement authorities claim that she was[Read More…]

Kerrick (left) shot unarmed Jonathan Ferrell multiple times

US cop in court after killing an unarmed black man who was seeking for help

A police officer in the US has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after shooting dead an unarmed man who was asking for help. Jonathan Ferrell, a former student at R&M University had been involved in a road crash, which was so serious that he had to climb out of his car’s back window to escape. The 24-year-old then walked around[Read More…]

Hillsborough police pickpocket from the dead

Hillsborough police pickpocket from the dead

Police officers involved in the cover-up of the Hillsborough disaster were accused of stealing money from those who died at the event and using it for police coffers, it has been reported. A report which appeared in the Independent, revealed that the South Yorkshire officers held on to cash for almost three years before deciding to bank it – rather[Read More…]