Sudiksha Thirumalesh

Teenagers Legal Battle Over Treatment Ends with Gagging Order Lifted Amid Controversy

In a case that has captured public attention, the story of 19-year-old Sudiksha Thirumalesh and her legal battle with an NHS Trust over her medical treatment has taken a significant turn. A judge has lifted the gagging order that had previously kept her identity hidden, revealing a story marked by controversy and fervent determination. Sudiksha Thirumalesh, an A-level student who[Read More…]

MPs have called for an inquiry after 21 South Asian women were fed radioactive chapatis

Trust the Science? The Untold Story of Asian Women Fed Radioactive Chapatis

Trust in medical professionals shattered as revelations of a harrowing experiment have emerged from the past.  Scientists are on a quest to locate a group of 21 South Asian women who unwittingly became part of a life-altering event in the 1960s. This deeply unsettling story centres around a study from 1969 where 21 women of Indian origin residing in Coventry[Read More…]

Woman Claims She Was Raped in Custody. Police Say They Lost The Camera Footage

Woman Claims She Was Raped in Custody. Police Say They Lost The Camera Footage

A woman, who was carried into a police cell unconscious and handcuffed has spoken of a series of disturbing events that she says occurred while she was in custody. The woman, identified as Zayna Iman, 38, claims she was drugged and sexually assaulted during her detention by Greater Manchester Police (GMP), a case marked by baffling discrepancies. Upon arrival, she[Read More…]

A new study has cast doubt on the effectiveness of ULEZ schemes

New Study Casts Doubt on Effectiveness of ULEZ Zones

An examination of low-emission zone initiatives in the UK and worldwide reveals inconclusive evidence that they significantly enhance lung conditions – a primary rationale behind their establishment. Imperial College London’s study assessed strategies like congestion charging and low-emission zones aimed at drivers. The study encompassed 16 global zone investigations, including London, Berlin, and Tokyo, concluding that low-emission zones do not[Read More…]

Energy firms have been accused of using heavy-handed tactics to investigate customers who reduce their energy usage

Energy Firms Penalise Customers For Using Less Energy

      Energy firms have doubled down on an unpopular policy that is deemed to criminalise customers that try to save money on their bills by reducing their energy usage. Energy UK, the representative body for the majority of energy companies, claimed that these firms were justified in investigating customers who tried to use less electricity or gas during[Read More…]