Nicola Robinson is 8 months pregnant and was punched in the stomach by an officer for laughing at him

Nicola Robinson is 8 months pregnant and was punched in the stomach by an officer for laughing at him

Chicago police were filmed punching a pregnant woman in the stomach and calling her a ‘black bitch’, it has been reported.

The woman, Nicola Robinson, who is eight months pregnant, says that she was just an innocent bystander and had witnessed police chasing a suspected drug dealer, when the incident happened.

However, the plain clothed officer was too slow to catch the suspect, causing other passers by to laugh at him.

That is when he approached Robinson and began to assault her. Robinson had been holding her son at the time of the attack. During the incident, she said she feared she would lose her baby.

The beating later sent Robinson into pre-labour.

The attack was witnessed by Robinson’s sister, and several other officers. The other officers failed to step in and assist the woman.

Responding to the incident, Chicago police said they do not condone the actions of the officer, and withheld his name.

This incident comes just six weeks after Texas cops were filmed punching a heavily pregnant war veteran in the stomach while the CPS seized her children.

Deanna Robinson

Deanna Robinson

The police came to the home of Deanna Robinson’s parents to take custody of her 18-month-old child after an altercation with her husband. She said her stepson who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair reported an argument between Robinson and her husband to his teacher who then called CPS.

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