This is one of the questions critics are asking after medical experts recommended that EVERY person in Britain, young and old, should be given the cancer-fighting human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to prevent them from contracting cervical cancer.

Even elderly people over the age of 60 are being asked to submit to the vaccine. In an interview published by the Daily Mail, leading HPV expert and president of the International Papillomavirus Society, Professor Margaret Stanley, OBE, told reporters that there was a spike in the incidence of HPV cancers when people entered their 60s because their immune systems becomes weaker over time. 

She said: “HPV breaks the usual rules of vaccination. Vaccinating older, infected people will make it less likely that cancers will develop.”

However, Health Impact News found no evidence to support her claim. Furthermore, if a person is already infected with the HPV virus, getting vaccinated could, in fact, increase, not decrease their chances of getting cancer.

In 2018, research published by the French oncologist Dr. Gérard Delépine, revealed that the HPV vaccine Gardasil was actually associated with an increased rate of cervical cancer among patients.

If Delépine’s research is correct, then this suggests that cervical cancer rates could actually increase if everyone has the HPV vaccine.

Dr. Diane Harper, a professor at the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Medicine, who worked on the original HPV vaccine studies to get the vaccine approved claimed the vaccine was oversold.

She said: “Gardasil only maintains antibody titers for HPV 16 (not 18, not 11, not 6) at five years, making the true long lasting (five years) coverage of Gardasil only for one type of cancer causing HPV.

“Duration of efficacy is key to the entire question. If duration is at least fifteen years, then vaccinating 11-year-old girls will protect them until they are 26 and will prevent some precancers, but postpone most cancers. If duration of efficacy is less than fifteen years, then no cancers are prevented, only postponed.”

Other reports claim that some women were diagnosed with HPV even after having the HPV vaccine. An article published by RSVP live featured an interview with a mother who was found to have abnormal, precancerous cells even after the vaccine.

Known only as Claire, 25, she was quoted as saying: “I am furious, when I speak to any of the nurses on the helpline, they say it is not 100% but why are they pumping into all the boys and girls in schools now?

“I don’t think I would let my children get this particular vaccine when it is their time, because I would be putting a vaccine into their body and it may not cover them. Also, a lot of girls who got the vaccination in my year were very sick after it I don’t think there is enough research about it.”

The report by RSVP Live goes on to say: “Claire says she is not trying to turn people against the HPV vaccine, she is just sharing her story. But the question has to be asked, should all the girls vaccinated 10 years ago be re-vaccinated as the promise to be covered is not being fulfilled? Could she be the first of many who has precancerous cells despite having the vaccination?”

The reports certainly seem to suggest that more research is needed. Even many mainstream experts seem to agree that Gardasil is only needed during a woman’s reproductive years anyway. So this would of course exclude men and women over the age of 50.

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