Dieneke Ferguson, 67 cured her cancer with Tumeric

Tumeric has been credited with helping to cure one woman from cancer of the blood it has reported.

Dieneke Ferguson, 67, baffled doctors when she recovered from her myeloma which was spreading rapidly throughout her body.

Dieneke took the decision to stop receiving conventional medicine such as chemotherapy and stem cell transplants, when it became clear to both her and her doctors that the treatment was not working.

Her cancer continued despite the treatments and she instead began to look for alternative therapies when she relapsed.

She then began taking 8g of curcumin a day – one of the main compounds in turmeric.

Her cancer cell count is now negligible.

Even her doctors from Barts Health NHS Trust in London publicly acknowledged the success of her case in the British Medical Journal.

In the British Medical Journal Case Reports, they wrote: “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report in which curcumin has demonstrated an objective response in progressive disease in the absence of conventional treatment.”

The doctors added that the ‘biological activity of curcumin is “remarkable” due to its “anti-proliferative effects in a wide variety of tumour cells”.

The experts, led by Dr Abbas Zaidi, said some myeloma patients took dietary supplements alongside conventional treatments but added: “few, if any, use dietary supplementation as an alternative to standard antimyeloma therapy. In the absence of further anti-myeloma treatment the patient plateaued and has remained stable for the past five years with good quality of life.”

More than 50 studies have tested curcumin – the pigment in turmeric that gives it that bright yellow colour and have found that the spice can protect against several cancers, as well as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and depression, among other conditions.

Professor Jamie Cavenagh, one of the authors of the paper explained: “A lot of my patients take curcumin at different stages of their treatment. I don’t object to it. Dieneke’s is the best response I have observed and it is clear-cut because we had stopped all other treatment.”

Dieneke said that she hopes that her case will result in more people reaping the health benefits provided by cucumin.

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