Experts have admitted plans to spray the skies with sulphate aerosols in order to change the climate, it has emerged.

Ben Kravitz of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, California

claims that scientists are attempting to tackle global warming by covering the skies with the chemicals.

He says that this would reflect more sun away from Earth and cool the planet.

However it would also admitted that this would wash out the blue skies and replace it with clouds caused by the chemicals.

The final result would be skies that turn into a foggy or hazy white instead of the crisp colours that we used to see during the summer and Autumn.

In an article which appeared in the New Scientist, Kravitz said that particles ranging from 0.1 to 0.9 micrometers in diameter would need to be scattered in order to influence the amount of light in the sky.

If only particles in the middle of this range were left then the sky would look a lot whiter.

It would work because the only reason the sky is blue in the first place is because air molecules are scattered.

Such scattering is more pronounced among blue molecules as they have shorter wavelengths than longer red ones.

By putting aerosol particles in the atmosphere however the red ones would be scattered the most, washing out the blue and making the sky whiter.

Kravitz said that a whiter sky might have a daily effect on people’s attitudes toward climate change.

But Kravitz is not the only ‘expert’ to propose this idea. In July, David Keith from Harvard University announced they would be spraying sun-reflecting chemical particles into the atmosphere to artificially cool the planet, using a balloon flying 80,000 feet over Fort Sumner, New Mexico. The idea is that the particles will reflect sunlight back into space, helping decrease the temperature of the Earth.

Keith owns a multimillion dollar geoengineering research centre provided by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The research centre previously commissioned a study by a US aerospace company that made the case for the feasibility of large-scale deployment of solar geoengineering technologies.

However, other scientists have highlighted the dangers of geoengineering. Clifford Carnicom, director of the Carnicom Institute has produced a number of scientific studies relating to the subject of geoengineering.

Carnicom formerly worked as a technical research scientist acting in a professional capacity supporting analysis and development of major Department of Defense physical and weapons modeling systems, with extensive computer programming and system application development experience. He has held a Top Secret/SCI clearance. He was appointed for and completed two years of intensive graduate level studies in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and geodesy under the auspices of the Department of Defense.

Cadastral Land Surveyor and research scientist in support of public domain lands of the Bureau of Land Management where he developed original software to assist in the automation and efficiency of large scale database operations. He investigated and researched alternative and sophisticated technologies for geodetic surveys.

He has produced a number of studies documenting the negative effect of geoengineering and its link to Morgellons disease.

He along with other researchers, also discovered that geoengineering has in fact occurred over the last decade. However mainstream scientists have only recently acknowledged the use of weather modification tools.

Chemtrails can be easily recognised by the distinctive white lines they leave in the sky. These are not the same as contrails from normal passenger planes which disappear quickly as the plane flies along.

Chemtrails are longer, thicker and quickly spread into cloud-like formations.

But there is a deeper concern. Although researchers such as Kravitz and Keith are claiming that geoengineering is a good thing, which could actually help the planet, both the UN and Environmental Health Protection Agency disagree.

In June of this year, a scientific study revealed that geoengineering projects such as these, could reduce rainfall by 15 per cent in areas of North America and northern Europe and by more than 20 per cent in central South America. This could potentially lead to droughts, famine and crop shortages in some areas of the world.

The dangers of sulfur dioxide have already been documented by the Environmental and Protection Agency (EPA) who said that sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions cause health problems and early death.

Interestingly, on their website, they have also promoted giving regulatory power over Geoengineering/chemtrails to the UN and developed countries that fund the very programs which pump sulfur dioxide and other chemicals into the air.

A separate 2008 study by scientists at Rutgers University revealed that geoengineering could have the potential to harm billions of people.

They said that geoengineering aerosols sprayed in tropical or Arctic regions are likely to disrupt African and Asian weather patterns, threatening the food and the water supply of billions.

The study claimed in fact that geoengineering projects actually deplete the ozone layer and reduce the strength of hydrological cycles resulting in decreased river flow and soil moisture.

While the scientists, led by Alan Robock, who performed the experiments appear to believe in manmade global warming, they warned that geoengineering was likely to make it a lot worse.

But chemtrail sprays are not the only tools that the governments of the world are using to meddle with the weather.

It was recently reported that laser beams are also being used. Swiss scientists have published plans to use laser beams to control the weather. They claim that using lasers could guarantee a cloudless sky. The irony of this of course, is that spraying sulphate aerosols into the sky is designed to have the opposite effect. Therefore, it appears that there are different groups of scientists working on inconsistent theories acting at odds with each other – each having a disproportionate effect on the weather.



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