Experts reveal there is only a 10% chance of catching Covid-19 from an infected household member

The coronavirus is not easily transmitted among members of the same household, according to a study.
A report published by researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital shows that those who live with an infected person only have a 10% chance of catching Covid-19.

More than 7,000 homes were studied in the research, which had more than 25,000 people living in the area. 

The research showed that in this time frame, 7,262 people caught Covid, but they only passed it on to a further 1,809 people they lived with. This was equal to a transmission rate of 10.1%.

Interestingly, the paper also found the likelihood of passing the virus on to someone you live with was lower for bigger households.

Experts reveal there is only a 10% chance of catching Covid-19 from an infected household member

The chances of catching Covid-19 from someone you live with is low


For example, someone in a home with three to five people — one of whom was infected — was 20 per cent less at risk than a two-person house. 

Despite this, the research found that those who contracted the disease were more likely to catch it from a member of another household. 

Risk factors for Covid-19 include liver disease, obesity, asthma, and cancer. Liver disease was found to be the most significant risk factor for the disease. 

The findings back up other research which found a similarly low risk of secondary attack from the virus in households.

A separate study from medRxiv found that for all of Ontario between July 1 and November 30, 2020, the transmission rate for Covid-19 was just 19.5 per cent.

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