The incident is alleged to have taken place at the Paris’s police headquarters on the Seine

The incident is alleged to have taken place at the Paris’s police headquarters on the Seine

Officers at the centre of a rape scandal in France are set to undergo DNA testing, it has been revealed.

Two policemen are already facing charges after a Canadian tourist reported being attacked at the police headquarters on Quai des Orfèvres.

About 100 officers and staff at Paris’s police headquarters on the Seine are to be DNA tested this week in an unprecedented move by judges investigating the alleged rape.

In 2014, two police officers from Paris’s elite anti-gang-crime squad were charged last year after a 34-year-old Canadian woman filed a complaint that she had been gang raped by a group of officers. Both officers deny rape. One claimed to have had sex with the woman, but claimed it was consensual.

Judges are looking to match the DNA of a third man that was found on the woman’s clothes.

The woman at the centre of the claims reported that she met the off-duty police officers at an Irish pub where they had been out drinking one evening in April 2014. She made a complaint later the same night that they had raped her at their headquarters across the river from the pub.

A spokesman from the police union Synergie has complained about the fact that officers have been ordered to undergo the DNA testing.

The headquarters has been at the centre of several scandals in recent years. Last year, a police sergeant from the anti-drugs unit was placed under investigation on suspicion of stealing 52kg of cocaine worth €2m from a secure room after the drugs were seized in the raid.

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