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A professor at Keele University, Chris Exley, is no amateur when it comes to the studies of aluminum and the effects it has on the human body. Thanks to his work, and many others, we became aware of the fact that aluminum can have a massive negative effect on many organs in the human body, and it’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t belong in there.

So, why is one of the ingredients for vaccines aluminum?

This extremely toxic substance should not be injected into the body in any amount, yet vaccines still contain it. And yet, people are required to inject themselves with vaccines that are supposed to be safe.

Recently, Exley created a GoFundMe account to fund his efforts in studying and proving the negative effects of aluminum in the human body. Since aluminum is added to vaccines, one would think that there have been sufficient studies done on the subject, however, there has not.

After being rejected for funding through scientific authorities, Exley decided to create this GoFundMe campaign in hopes to raise the funds to properly research aluminum in vaccines. But the real question here is, why was his vaccine research rejected in the first place? Wouldn’t people want to know how this harmful toxin can affect poor, innocent children in the future?

Each study that has been conducted by Exley so far has concluded that aluminum does not ever exit the body. Instead, it travels to various parts of the body, including the brain. Which can affect the individual for decades.

Even with this small amount of research and studies from Exley, it’s undoubtedly obvious that aluminum does not belong in the body, so why are they rejecting the funding for more proper vaccine research on the ingredient of aluminum? It’s clear that further research is needed, however, the problem is that each attempt is being shut down. What information are they trying to hold out from the world?

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