Anyone who has ever taken part in a sport knows how painful sports injuries can be. There is nothing worse than playing a game of football on a warm afternoon, only to fall over or be tackled to the ground and painfully twist an ankle.

Not only are sports injuries painful, they can also result in swelling, broken bones and in the worst-case scenario – infection.

Most people, when faced with these injuries turn to painkillers and traditional medication for help.

But according to Laura Kenyon, a licensed and registered homeopath, there are alternatives which people can use in order to treat mild sports injuries and other ailments.

Arnica is one of them. Arnica is a mountain daisy which is often used to treat bruising, muscular strains, wounds and swelling.

It comes from the European plant, Arnica montana and is often sold in both gel and tablet form. Often, the little white tablets – containing arnica solution are watered down significantly to form a homeopathic remedy.

It also happens to be one of the most popular home treatments in the UK.

Ms Kenyon says that this is just one of the many homeopathic solutions that can be used to treat a wide range of ailments – and injuries.

“Most mums have heard of arnica and have used it when their children fall over, but it is the first remedy that you think of in any common injury or shock or trauma. It works because it doesn’t mask symptoms as a lot of pain killers do which can cause more serious complications. When it is homeopathy, it works to ease the problem, but it uses the body to do that, so you’re still aware of where the problem is.”

But how safe are homeopathic treatments? The opinion of most doctors and medical professionals seems to be that while safe, homeopathic treatments are in the main, ineffective.

Ms Kenyon on the other hand, disagrees and has successfully helped to treat significant numbers of patients with various conditions and injuries.

She added: “It is very safe for everyone, even for groups that are normally vulnerable, like newborn babies or pregnant women. Everyone can take homeopathy. There are no side effects, it is non-addictive. Also it does tend to involve relatively short courses of treatment, you don’t have to keep continuing to take the medicines.”

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