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Dr Afrika

Can you CURE cancer? Akashic Times talks to leading doctor and herbalist Dr Llaila Afrika about holistic self-diagnosis.

Is it possible to cure serious diseases such as cancer or Aids? Mainstream medicine says it is not. But we live in a time when corporate pharmaceutical companies hold such a sway over the doctors we see and the scientists who test our medicines. Big pharma is known for manipulating the results of laboratory tests, pressuring educational institutions and doctors[Read More…]

How daisies can help treat sports injuries

How daisies can help treat sports injuries

Anyone who has ever taken part in a sport knows how painful sports injuries can be. There is nothing worse than playing a game of football on a warm afternoon, only to fall over or be tackled to the ground and painfully twist an ankle. Not only are sports injuries painful, they can also result in swelling, broken bones and[Read More…]