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So you’ve just bought a brand new smartphone. Imagine the perfect smartphone, with every one of the all-singing, all-dancing gadgets that you can think of.

There’s only one catch. You have to either getting a tattoo or swallowing a daily pill in order to access the information on that phone.

Sounds crazy right? Maybe. But that is exactly what Motorola – owned by Google – wants to introduce.

They believe that most people are so lazy that the thought of having to take the split-second step of typing passwords into a smartphone is a “chore” and have instead given them the option of getting electronic barcodes inserted under the skin or daily medication which will help to unlock passwords on their phone.

Motorola’s tattoos have already been developed by MC10, a Massachusetts-based engineering firm. They are placed on the smartphone owner’s skin using a rubber stamp, and contain flexible electronic circuits.

Instead of entering passwords, users just place their smartphones close to their tattoos for verification.

In a report by, Dennis Woodside CEO of Motorola unveiled a small rubber stamp tattoo at the conference that the company hopes will one day replace having to type in a smartphone password.
The corporation unveiled this technology at the AllThingsD conference, which showcases all the latest digital advancements in the development pipeline.

According to reports, the small stamp, which contains flexible electronic circuits, can be scanned by a smart phone to gain instant access.

In addition to the insertion of the barcode beneath the skin, Motorola is also in the process of developing a once-daily drug tablet that people can take to access their smart phones without having to type in a password.

The pill, known officially as Proteus Digital Health, transmits signals from your digestive tract to your smart phone for instant access without a password.

According to the TechDaily report: “Users would take a pill by mouth, and the pill would create an individual signal that would be picked up by their smart phone.

“The computer chip within the pill would be powered by a battery using the user’s stomach acid.”

Regina Dugan, Senior Vice President of Advanced Research at Motorola said that it was a “hassle” for most people to have to learn how to unlock their smartphone.

She added: “Authentication is irritating. “Having the boldness to think differently about problems that everybody has every day is really important for Motorola now.”

However in the article by DailyTech, critics pointed out that remembering to take a pill everyday or getting what is essentially a type of RFID chip inserted into your body, courtesy of the Motorola and Google corporations would be less stressful than punching in a four digit password for a split second.

Mobile technology is such now that even if you do lose your phone and forget to secure it, phone companies can switch the phone off and render it void and unusable by any thief within seconds.

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