The government has outlined plans to make everyone purchase a TV licence – regardless of whether or not they own a TV, it has been revealed.

Under the plans, the TV licence would be reinvented as a household tax that everyone would be forced to pay.

At present, you only have to pay for a TV licence if you watch live television, as it is being broadcast.

The money would go towards paying for BBC radio, TV and online services. Fee income of £4 billion was recorded for 2013/14.

Ministers want to change the plans because currently, a household does not need a licence to watch catch-up services.

However, the Commons committee for Culture, Media and Sport are in favour of imposing a bill on every home, with an extra charge for BBC services, in order to close the loophole.

The plans are currently subject to public consultation until May 1st before the findings will be presented to Parliament and the BBC Trust.

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